Media volume slider for top menu

Building on Media volume control cannot be used before playing music [4.0.1], it would be nice to be able to adjust the media volume with a separate slider. Right now there is only a slider for the ringtone volume, which can already be adjusted with the volume rocker 99% of the time, but there’s no slider for the media volume, which can only be adjusted with the volume rocker under specific circumstances.


Correct me if i am wrong. i am a Sailfish OS user since the Xperia X program in 2017. I understood it that way, if you mute, it will be the ringtone setup, and if an application is open, the specific application. This sometimes confuses me. And then i open an app, thinking its muted but its not. Wouldn’t a dialogue “mute all apps” or “just the open one” be better. So in case you whiched that all apps be muted, they are muted, or if just a single app, then just the single app is muted. The intention behind the current model is nice, but it leaves you with many different sound volumes, what might confuse users like me :slight_smile:

This is incorrect.
There are (only) two “volume settings”, ringtone and media.
If you are not doing anything to do with media, the volume rocker adjusts ringtone volume.
If you have an app open that is playing media, the volume rocker controls the media volume.

This thread is about getting access to controlling the media volume without playing media.
A reasonable request, but i haven’t thought of it as a problem.

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Proposed something similar a while ago - [Proposal] Improve volume setting I need to max the volume when I’m using it in my car which is way too loud if using headphones. I’ll bring this to one of the next community meetings.