[Proposal] Improve volume setting

Hi there,

in my opinion it is too difficult to adjust the volume of the device, cause I couldn’t find a neat way to switch between notification and media volume settings.

In Windows Mobile volume adjustment looks like this, if you press one of the volume control buttons of your device:

(Setting of notification volume)

When you expand via the arrow icon you will see a second slider so you can adjust the media/app volume too:

There even is a small button in the bottom left(“Vibrieren ein”), where you can enable/disable vibrations.

Probably it would be a lot easier to just add a third slider to the quick settings dropdown of sfos, but I also like the idea to just use the buttons on my device which are intended for this purpose.

I’m curious what other users think about it.

edit: Over there you can find a screenshot which includes the rest of the screen - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41663478/windows-10-mobile-ringtone-and-notificaton-volume-adjustment