Loses cellular network (until restart)

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):, , maybe always
HARDWARE : XA2 4133, device adaption
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): N


Phone loses the cellular network: voice and data and sms.

This persists until either the phone is restarted or put in-out of flight mode. It can last for hours, until I realise that the phone is not working or try to make a call.

This seems to happen if either:

  • I turn on/restart the phone in a low signal area, or
  • I go into a no signal (e.g in the bush) area for a while.

Turning flightmode on/off does not always bring it back to life. Nor does a restart.
I perceive that it doesn’t work when in an area that the signal is weak, but normally usable. i.e. if the signal is weak then it’s just the same again.

  • Placing a voice call results in “no signal”. SMS are not received.
  • Data indicator/button shows no data connection
  • Signal strength indicator shows empty. No G indicator
  • FlightMode indicator is off. BT is working. WIFI is connected.
  • I do have 4G and 3G signal

Until fairly recently I was blaming the network for this. It may have always done it. Or it may have arrived after V3.3
I perceive that my networks 3G voice performance got much worse some time after ~march this year, which might have made a pre-existing sfos fault more obvious.

Note when I say weak signal area, it is where I know I have problems. Where I am actually reproducing this issue, the phone is showing 25% signal level in 3G and 4G. It is not a no-signal area.

A similar issue is that sometimes trying to start a voice call in this spot results in “no signal” even though there was 50% 4G showing. This “no signal state” can sometimes last for minutes after the phone has been moved back to a strong signal area.


Weak signal during restart / exit flight mode


  1. Restart phone in bedroom close to wall where signal is weak
  2. Signal indicator will show no signal, no G
  3. Move outside to clear, strong signal area for 15mins. Phone will not get signal (seemingly indefinitely).



In lieu of an actual fix for this, the phone wake screen should have NO SIGNAL in giant letters across it.

It is annoying that there is no signal, it is unacceptable that my phone has been dead for more than 12 hours, without me knowing.


Did you restart network (in sailfish utilities) during flightmode? This works for me in most of such cases.

This was a never solved bug in the Xperia X. It started showing up to me when we started to use a multi-access-point SSID at work.

I have a similar problems with my XA2.

Usually in my flat, the signal strength of mobile network is only good close to the windows. The opposite for the Wifi’s signal strength. So I had some problems in the past. The signal-strength symbol haven’t really shown a problem.

But: With version 3.4.0, I often cannot browse web pages (it takes forever), but messaging is working. Or browsing works, but messaging apps don’t work.Often a restart is necessary - login/out of Wifi and mobile network does not work (haven’t tried restarting network).