Looking for an Xperia device to buy

Hi there,

going back to 2014 I was in the Jolla boat, but I left it at the end of 2017 due to the behavior of Jolla (I’m a FOSS fanatic/contributor).

I look at you from time to time and still Jolla disappoints me, but Sailfish is always in my mind. I can’t do anything about it.

Yet, for some crazy reason, git.sailfishos.org closure didn’t make me close this door completely, but instead it made me reopen it. I already migrated my 6 apps to the GitLab CI and I do really want a Sailfish OS device now.
A part from using daily, I want to maintain my applications and to write the ones I miss.

So, do you have some spare Xperia device to sell? I should be able to get a license using the tablet refund - I guess…

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If you promise to create some useful SFOS apps I am willing to send you my “old” Sony Xperia 10 plus dual sim. There are the usual touch screen issues from time to time, and sometimes the battery charges veeery slow. Apart from that, it is in good shape. SFOS license is included (separate Jolla account, so all I need is your email address).
Location is Germay, shipping should be payed by you.


Wow! Sure, just tell me which applications you need and I’ll develop them in exchange :slight_smile: