Dev asking for small donations

Hi there,

I’m here asking for very small donations (really, 25€ is all I need) in exchange for some bug fixes/features on my own apps. I’m specifying “my own” here, just because I don’t want to promise anything that I cannot implement for sure and also apps that I wouldn’t use daily.

One year and half ago @ziellos donated his old phone to me (see Looking for an Xperia device to buy). Unfortunately that phone wasn’t charging properly: after a couple of days it wasn’t charging above 13-15% and it took a whole week to reach 40%). This prevented me to use it as daily driver. In addition to that, it was consuming almost immediately the battery when I was using it for developing an application and thus I couldn’t use it for development either. I tried different chargers (as I wrote to #sailfishos too) with no luck.

I’m sorry, but I’ve spent too many moneys on this phone as I bought 2 different chargers and a new battery in an attempt to fix the charging problem (which they didn’t solve). Then I broke the display and I bought a new one. Last, during these holidays I bought the USB charger connector for the board because I would really use it as daily driver, but unfortunately I broke the display while I was dismantling it.

Now, my plan would be to order yet another new display and replace it, but there’s the uncertainty that replacing the USB charger connector didn’t fix the charging problem.

So, here I’m, asking the community to give me a sign that you would like to see my apps being updated or maybe not :pray:

EDIT: my apps are:

  • Papocchio
  • SailHN
  • Tailscale
  • Lyrics
  • MPW
  • Syncthing (WIP)
  • Base64 (first app :heart:)
  • HostIsDown (broken with latest Sailfish, I should move it to OpenRepos/Chum as it requires root now, done)
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Hi there, I’m already donating you a small weekly contribution via liberapay. If you need some further money, this shouldn’t be a problem, but you should tell the community which is the preferred way to get (one time) donations.


Thank you!! :heart:

I could also take donations via PayPal.Me or any other method you prefer :slight_smile:

Half of the needed sum is done. Who is willing to contribute as well. :upside_down_face:

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Your goal hopefully reached now. :grin:


I can confirm I got the money to order a new display :tada:

I’m ordering it right now. It should arrive in 2 weeks :crossed_fingers:

Again, thank you for your trust!


So, I’ve not disappeared, but I never got the display :weary:. I just got a full refund and ordered a new one… fingers crossed!

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I got the new display and the USB charger connector solved the charging problem! :muscle: So, happy! Thank you to all the donators!!!