Log out button gone!


After visiting the forum I want to log out by clicking my personal icon and choose ‘logout’, but it’s gone, not visible!!! On the appearing pulldown menu on the top only notifications, bookmarks, messages + preferences, but no logout!

Have now no other option than close the browser tab leaving the session on Sailfish forum open…

edit: after closing the browser tab, opening a new tab and surfing to forum.sailfishos.org, page opens and I am still logged in… still no logout option on clicking on my personal icon…

Do you mean this?

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Can you share a screenshot of that “Preferences” tab?

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@peterleinchen: Yes, looks the same.

@Sthocs: Yes, I made a screenshot and will try to upload here. The tab I called before ‘preferences’ is the pulldown menu with my nickname, that disappeared. So it is not visible on the screenshot…

Additional info: I use Firefox Browser v 83.0 on a Linux system.

edit: did reboot my computer just now - problem still persists.

edit: Found Logout in the rightest tab (the ‘person’ icon), there on the bottom of the list.
I think problem is solved. But I think something has changed… or am I dreaming? Thank you so much!

Regarding the UX of discourse I’m asking myself why a tabbed view for the session menu seemed necessary to the developers…

This is the “Preferences” tab I was talking about (hover on it to see its name).
No idea if it has changed, according to the answer linked by @peterleinchen, it seems that before there was your name that was displayed instead of the “person” icon, can’t tell :man_shrugging:

Yes, something changed!
I was just so used to -click here, click there, search abd only then find what normally shouöd be obvious- that I did not see that there was the name to click before and now the person icon.

Yes, mouse over the personal icon (the ‘avatar’) shows the first name,
click on the icon opens 4 icon submenu

there the rightest (‘person’ icon) has the help text ‘Preferences’,

and there is again ‘Preferences’ (the real) and also logout and also other things.

Till yesterday, on click on the icon, left of it there was the nickname and clicking on it opened a menue, also containing ‘Logout’.

edit: Have some words changed in the text above to precisise.

another thing is, that immediately after logout there comes the start page of the forum for a second, and after this I am automatically leaded to the old Jolla login page. Strange behavior!