How to log out? (15 chars)

As the title says.
Using default SFOS browser I do not see any possibility to log out. Not even when using dessktop view.

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  • click on your account (icon)
  • on the pop down click at your name…
  • LogOut

Yup. Thanks.
Sooo obvious :wink:

Ugh, 3 clicks till logout. Not that user-friendly…

Anyway, there’s a shortcut for log out: Shift+z Shift+z
Holding Shift and pressing z twice also works for me.

(Only works in desktop view, though)



What kind of censorship is that now?
I am even not allowed to mention ZZ Top? :wink:

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But then there is no more popup asking ‘Oh really?’, so it is only one click more.
And to be honest how often do we log out? :wink:

…which is why, I suspect, they don’t waste screen space on it.
I like that having user-related stuff behind your avatar at top-right is becoming a de-facto standard (Jakob Nielson would approve!). It’s banking and similar financial websites, each of which seems to follow its own design rules based on ‘corporate identity’, and where you actually want to logout, that annoy me. And even those are coming round to this convention, by making desktop sites and mobile ones similar.

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