Latest Sailfish version for Jolla Phone without sound issues

After losing sound a couple of times (now altogether) can anyone suggest the last Sailfish version without sound issues for my phone? Have restarted & then removed battery but didn’t fix it. (I am not confident to use the terminal for commands). I cannot believe that an issue so important for phone use was allowed to prevail without a solution before original Jolla phone was abandoned! Thanks, Kevin

Never heard about this issue, so I would guess it’s an hardware issue on your phone specific.
This is of course about the original Jolla Phone?

Yes original Jolla phone. Have also been reports of sound problems on here with Sony XA2 & X10 on Sailfish OS, 3.3. That’s why I am trying to find last version without sound disappearing!

The only sound issue i have heard about is the 10 III, which is a current issue. The Jolla phone was fine on all versions as i recall it. Any links to that issue for other phone models you are referencing?

But you really ought to give up using software that is many years out of support/updates.

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That seems to be all but isolated to XA2. You probably have an issue that is quite unique to you, so temper your incredulity.

and limited phone-calls, i.e., not “losing sound a couple of times (now altogether)”! Additionally a reboot cures that issue (for a while).


I remember having these kind of problems with my original Jolla phone some years ago, it was just dust in the headphone socket, so the phone didn’t know that the headphone was no longer connected and disabled the speaker. After cleaning the 3.5mm headphone socket it worked fine again.

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