Laggy Camera on 10 III

Playing around with my 10 III. I noticed that the startup time of the camera app is very slow (3 seconds). Advanced camera seems to be a little bit faster (2 seconds), but the fastest is Simple Camera from the Android Simple Mobile Tools range which starts nearly immediatly and is ready to take a picture in much less tha a second. That’s already worse.

Same for taking picture: Both Sailfish native apps need roundabout a second until they take the picture after touching the screen button, while the android app takes the picture immediatly.

Another strange thing: Using Jolla native App with the volume buttons takes the picture faster, but with some little lagging, but the second and also following photos taken with volume button then are also taken immediatly.

I don’t now why, but I find that very strange. Do other notice the same?

Decive is as said Xperia 10 III actual OS version, german as language.

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I know that it is not particularly helpful to you but the camera loading time is crap on older models like XA2 as well.

The lag started to be unacceptable when the Sailjail introduced (4.2 I think).

It is a shame that in 2022 it takes 10 secs to take a photo from the lock screen with a device which has as many resources what my desktop had 10 years ago…