Just ordered Xperia III

On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited should I be?


zero. until there is a proper release of sfos with fixed bugs


Very excited! At the time of writing, there’s available with a few unfinished issues: the main camera is able to use only the default camera, the echo cancellation during calls doesn’t work (oddly in my case the calls seem to be fine?) and the display quality in the dark is crap (unless you remove the auto brightness and scroll it to 100% and back to 0%), but for the most part, it works just great! As the device is much more powerful, the UI and especially web browsing are smoooth! Oh and the amount of RAM it has helps to combat the OOM killer (but only partially…)


Be very excited!

I’ve had Jolla phone, Xperia X, Xperia XA2 and now 10 III. This is by far my best experience with SailfishOS. Previously I’ve had to mentally give a little slack to my phones for lack of speed and some bigger quirks on the OS, but not anymore.

Enjoy your ride :slight_smile:


OH, this sounds nice, because of the feedback from the german user (here at the forum) I’ve bought the phone, but I didn’t use/install it.
It’s because I need a really useabal phone, the other user said “better to wait for the next update” especially for camera, calendar, email and PHONE!! You’ve got no problem with calling someone or be called by someone??

Mixed feelings, so a six. The speed and power is much better than all the other devices we have had. The 10 III is very responsive! Also great that it has a lot of storage. And it is lightweight.
Sony did not invest in sound quality this time. On the XA2 and XA2 sound is better.
Display: actually the same. I am not impressed by oled. Screen is bright enough exept in open air.
Yesterday I tried to charge my Jolla 1 and Xperia X, because of lack of echo cancellation and lowering sound of my voice during calls. The X crashed while updating and Jolla 1 doesn’t accept a sim anymore. So now I use my XA2+ again with sim and wait until the echo cancellation can be fixed.

O.k. THAT’S the reason why I didn’t install SF at Sony Xperia 10 III!!

So we have to wait, because, what you wanna from a phone, when you can’t phone???

Someone heard something about a date, an upgrade date?

Camera works fine, just the wide and “zoom” cameras are unavailable, but a future update should fix it.

Email works very well for me, but the application does not have all bells and whistles. I would like to know why exactly it was mentioned…

Calendar works just fine, as does syncing, so I don’t really see why that would be an issue.

There are, however, issues with calls being muted, and reboot fixes that. This has happenes to me twice since the day was released, so although annoying, I wouldn’t call it a blocker per se (especially if I compare that with the issues I have had with calls owith Android…)

I don’t think I have ever had a smartphone that didn’t have issues with phone calls. It can be an error in the provider side, too…

It is the best official SfOS phone since Jolla1. No issues with ohone calls here, VoLTE works fine, except that sometimes you don’t hear the beep sounds when calling someone.
The bad things are, slow GPS, GPS killing pulseaudio and so you loose all audio, the IPv6 issues and the dissapointing battery life.

Thanks for replies. It is a pity about the issues , I really hope they will be fixed soon.

The crowd I ordered it from decided to cancel my order and send me a refund. But i’ll keep looking, this one was €434 inc shipping, would be nice to get it a bit cheaper as funds are a bit low

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Despite buying the 10 iii licence on day one i’m not intending to buy the phone until amazon prime day in early July.

It’s a sale, and its a week after the successor 10 iv launches, and i may not install anyway until SFOS 4.5 arrives with robust 10 iii support.

In my opinion and conclusion on what i read on this forum , and experience myself it doesn’t matter which build or version sfos is used its gonna have bugs, annoying ones or and the basic functions will not work properly and jolla or zendesk will or cant help u, unless u are very familiar with all the coding or commands etc.
Im sorrry if this all looks negative or premature but in and over the last 10 years its still a buggy os.

I have been using Sailfish for about 3 weeks now and am very satisfied:

  • System runs very well so far

  • balanced GUI

  • can use a lot of Android apps via Aurora store (only one “Sparkasse” app, health insurance app don’t work, which I can cover via an Android tablet).

  • very helpful, nice forum.

Possible disadvantages, depending on your own user behaviour:

  • not all “Android apps” deliver push messages → installation of microG is tedious.

  • switched on WLAN currently drains battery faster than under Android → therefore I have WLAN off at times when I don’t need it.

  • You have to flash your Xperia yourself, but there are very detailed instructions, which is reasonable. → For some users it would be nice to have the possibility to buy a new/refurbished Xperia with preinstalled OS.

Overall, I would definitely do it again, especially now I enjoy the freedom I have gained without a Google account and significantly fewer, annoying push messages from apps.

Many greetings

PS: I bought my shortly used Xperia 10 III on e-bay for 230€ :wink:


w0w if I could get one for 230e I would be on the pigs back. I see a few cheap ones in UK but those will be well over 300 with the breksit tax included.

There is a seller in italy who provides flahed devices:

Remark tha other than the link suggests, he is an independent seller and no affiliate of jolla.

Look here, perhaps:

I paid EUR 335 some time back. It’s still in the box.

I am using my XperiaX as a daily driver these days with

After issues upgrading and a reflash (the last ever as the USB port won’t support data any more), the phone has performed smoothly and without major issues. In fact it’s so good I see no reason to upgrade it at the moment with the risk of an unrecoverable disaster.

I’ll be keeping the X in action for a while longer yet I think :slight_smile:

On sale in Finland now for 279 and you get a pair of headphones for free when you send receipt to sony, dont know how/if that works in other countries. Price has been 249 in black friday but that was without headphones.

Same price in multiple stores: Sony Xperia 10 III 128GB Musta, halvin hinta 279€


That’s a sharp price!


True, but finnish is a big hurdle against ordering from elsewhere, and there seems to be no english option (however a russian option on one ofe the websites, but that doesn’t help.)