Journal Viewer update for aarch 64 possible

Hello - can anybody update/port the app Journal Viewer from here please? It is unpossible to install on Xperia 10ii. Thanks in advance

Ik I have time tomorrow, and I can get the sdk to work again, I’ll give it a try.

Thanks in advance and this with SDK I will also learn. Tomorrow I will install this and start as beginner :grinning:


Did not have enough time to finish this, but I will continue tomorrow (Tuesday).

Thanks I fighting with Sailfish SDK because I don’t have Win10 64bit :sweat_smile:

I just tried on my side and I’m unable to compile it. There is a missing package called libsystemd-journal and I’m unable to find it. I’m not an expert at all.

The same issue here. I can find the package for other distributions, and the reference should be correct (systemd/Journal - ArchWiki - the journalctl command does work). But the package does not turn up in a zypper search, I cannot find it in openrepos (nor chum) and I do not see it anywhere in the repo / project (
Might it be a package that was provided in an older build of SF? Or is it included in another systemd library? Looks like it:

I don’t have much experience with the spec-files, I do know a bit about the yaml, but this project doesn’t use the latter.

The library disappeared in this commit which talks about a -compat package, which Jolla as usual does not provide (or once did but does not anymore).

I can’t well read C, but maybe just moving to libsystemd will work? this seems to suggest the libraries were merged.

It seems to have been merged into libsystemd: [solved] libsystemd-journal? => It was merged into libsystemd / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums
I’ll try again later this week with that lib, if I have the time.

Also, there are some hard refences to user nemo and files in /home/nemo. They will have to be fixed also.

[EDIT:] nevermind, found it. :slight_smile: Do you have a forked repo already? I may be able to contribute some things.

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Ah that wasn’t that hard.

Please test the version from the following location. Note that it is utterly and completely untested by me and may break many things. Probably won’t though.

Especially note that this changes /etc/systemd/journald.conf when installing, setting log to ‘perstistent’ and disabling rate limiting. It has always done that (so if you’re fine with 0.5.5 nothing should change with this one), but I wanted to point it out.

Also, the “Save Log” feature will only work for Device Owner users (nemo or defaultuser, UID/GID 100000) but I think that is an OK limitation.

@xmasjos in case you want to take over maintainership, my changes are here: Commits · nephros/systemd-journal-viewer · GitHub. I have tried to separate out any modifications in self-contained commits which is why there are a dozen or so, all very small.

Myself I will NOT maintain this, especially as the licensing situation is unclear, and there are references to OMP in the code.

Is it possible to have this in the Store?

Thank you for pointing this out, because should be configurable without removing (“uninstalling”) the systemd-journal-viewer app.
I hope very much it resets the values in /etc/systemd/journald.conf to the original defaults when systemd-journal-viewer is removed; otherwise it is fully evil to your device-internal FLASH memory.

@xmasjos? Ping!

No, the Jolla Store rules do not allow that. But you can upload it to your OpenRepos repository or submit it to the SailfishOS:Chum community repository.

Sorry for the delay in responding & testing, I couldn’t find the time for testing on my phone.

The commits by nephros seem to solve all issues on my Xperia 10 II. I can deploy via QtCreator without having to do any developer-stuff (clean sdk install etc).

Personally, I’m not interested in taking over maintenance for this app. I’m not interested in the app itself, only in trying to get it running because of implications on libraries & user changes etc.
The licensing issue might be handled by Coderus himself, like with his other projects? - Contribution required. My orphaned projects - #24 by vlagged

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Could someone clarify what is unclear about the licensing and what OMP is? Thanks!

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Open mobile platform - russian company that developed aurora tweaks and had access to the sfos source code, if it’s not clearly labeled as gplv2 it could be tricky

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OMP is Aurora OS (Russian Open mobile platform) - Wikipedia.

Journal Viewer ships a dbus configuration named ru.omprussia.systemd.journal.service and AFAICS there are no references to any licenses in the code or elsewhere.

However, Coderus has left this comment about licensing in Patchmanager but I don’t know if that includes Journal Viewer.



Well, the fast and dirty approach would be to rename those to reflect the package name. Since there is no license, it’s a bit of a moot point. We have to assume that @coderus could inforce a copyright, but that is not an issue.

We could ask @coderus to push a license file into that repo? But then, he’s busy with Swedish bureaucracy :slight_smile: (ducks and runs).

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my stuff with no license choice is WTFPL, but you free to send me a pr, i can setup CI on github if anyone interested in development.