Journal Viewer update for aarch 64 possible

Hello - can anybody update/port the app Journal Viewer from here please? It is unpossible to install on Xperia 10ii. Thanks in advance

Ik I have time tomorrow, and I can get the sdk to work again, I’ll give it a try.

Thanks in advance and this with SDK I will also learn. Tomorrow I will install this and start as beginner :grinning:


Did not have enough time to finish this, but I will continue tomorrow (Tuesday).

Thanks I fighting with Sailfish SDK because I don’t have Win10 64bit :sweat_smile:

I just tried on my side and I’m unable to compile it. There is a missing package called libsystemd-journal and I’m unable to find it. I’m not an expert at all.

The same issue here. I can find the package for other distributions, and the reference should be correct (systemd/Journal - ArchWiki - the journalctl command does work). But the package does not turn up in a zypper search, I cannot find it in openrepos (nor chum) and I do not see it anywhere in the repo / project (
Might it be a package that was provided in an older build of SF? Or is it included in another systemd library? Looks like it:

I don’t have much experience with the spec-files, I do know a bit about the yaml, but this project doesn’t use the latter.