Jolla tablet (refunds) - updates?

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As I read this it came back to my mind :frowning:

Okay, I closed this chapter for me and am not angry anymore.
I got (as most peeps) half-refunded. The other half is still open and I used parts of it for SF X licenses…

But I’d also appreciate some statement of Jolla regarding this never finalized ‘project’!


Dear Jolla team, @maajussi ,

It would be much appreciated if you would give an answer on this topic instead of ignoring the problem. It has been way too long!

All the best,


There are currently no new information available on this. I can only guide you to stay in touch and follow us in and to stay up to date on any changes in the situation.

After almost 5 years, with several deals going on, there are no news? Seriously?

Then you say that you want to build the trust from the community…

What is the percentage of refunds that you have processed?

This community is slowly going to go away no one at jolla cares about community anymore it’s why I have moved onto pinephone pinetab and pinebook pro pine64 shows how you do it how you become transparent with the community it was fun with all the community members but I have moved on and hopefully I’ll see some of you in the pine64 forums. It was fun while it lasted.

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No one is harping about anything. We just want what was promised to us.

If Jolla does not intend to pay us, then say it. If you want to pay us, say it. Be transparent, tell us who has been paid and who is going to be refunded, when and how.

“there are currently no new information available on this” is not good enough!

@maajussi @veskuh

Yes, anyone still bringing this subject up is harping. Y’all can forget about ever seeing another refunded cent, so drop your obsession, be grateful that someone is telling you the truth, and move on with your life.

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@Michael are you part of Jolla? Is this the official position of the company?

@maajussi @veskuh do you share the position of Michael?

Whether or not it is harping, I leave that in the middle. The fact is Jolla refunded half of the money and they promised to keep us up-to-date with refund process, based upon their financial situation. There is no picture here about the financial situation of Jolla at the moment, but they seem to be moving into the right direction. Jolla should provide us with an update with regards to this refund process and whether or not they still attempt to pay back funders. To me I consider the money lost, it is part of investing. But that does not take away that Jolla can do better in communicating their point of view or their financial situation.


To me, personally, they did not refund a penny. Thats why I am asking for clarity from the Jolla side.

Who has received the refund? Who has received a partial refund? What is the financial situation of Jolla?

After more than four years, I think that we have waited more than enough. At this stage, one can only wonder if Jolla intends to even refund us…

@maajussi @veskuh please answer the questions! Either though here or though a specific blogpost!

Michael is not part of Jolla.

I can’t comment on financial situation on behalf of the company. Previously, we updated about refund statuses at blog:

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You should have received half of the refund already 4 years ago. If this didn’t happen we didn’t have correct email address or the email has gone to spam or otherwise disappeared.

This is the original post about the first refund round: