(Jolla media player) remove feats from artist list

Hello, as you can see from the screen, the default media player has the artist list that includes even artists that are featuring on albums, and that’s really really tedious

For example, kyrie electron from ultraboss is full of feat resulting in way too much artists for the same record

I guess it’s because the artist list read the artist tag and not the albumartist tag

Considering the artist tag is (correctly i would say) read in the song list, i would say reading the albumartist tag for the artist list will solve this very very tedious problem


Edit your id3 tags with Exiftool or whatever you prefer.

My tags are already edited by musicbrainz picard, and players on the pc show those correctly (well, almost players with the “organizer way” of playing, like lollypop or tauon, not basic list players like strawberry), so no need to edit those again

All music players I’ve had, even paid ones do it like this. There are artists out there where the opposite of the current behaviour would be wrong, too, I wouldn’t like “Skold vs. KMFDM” to show up under KMFDM.

great tastes here, anyway, in this case kmfdm vs skold should appear as a separate artist as it’s what it is, exactly like mdfmk

meanwhile i am just talking about featuring presents in records from artists, and electronic albums are full of those

lollypop on the pc, for example, organize things in the appropriate manner, and tauon music box, too (almost), so you don’t have an endless list of non existent artists but everything is shown in the correct way…

i would say, have a try yourself, you’ll see it’s very hard to go back once you get used this way :slight_smile:

I noticed unplayer let’s you choose between the artist tag and the album artist tag. As expected i have atm 40 artists if shown with the artist tag, 12 if shown with the album artist tag.

Jolla please do this…