(media player) use album artist tag instead of artist tag

So, lots of times happens you have an album with some featurings, and they are inserted as tag in the artist tag, but they are not the real artist of the album as they are just featuring in that song, but the way the default media player handles it, results in a huge mess

an example of this

to give you a comparison, with the default media player, i have 33 entries for futurecop, on unplayer that let me choose between album artist and artist tag, i have only 6 entries (the right ones)

so it’s really a mess

the only place where it’s right to use the artist tag is in the album view where i can finally know who is featuring in that song, and that it’s done right already

please please please change this, cause it’s really that messy, and if you need another proof of the convenience of using the album artist tag, here’s another comparison for the same exact library

that’s the default media player

this is Unplayer

look at the artist count for the same exact library…