Jolla 2.0: Jolla’s former management purchased Jolla’s business, IP, and software assets from Jolla Oy

Whatsapp can be easily not used, especially if you altogether leave the service. Only people that care will call or SMS.

The groups are unfortunate, but try to call the group admin from time to time to see if they like being ‘polled’ about any news:)

Last part was tongue in cheek. I am part of a group with a burner phone whatsapp number + tchncs matrix bridge which throws the encryption out of the window.

But honestly what I found after leaving whatsapp was just that nothing was lost and I can still have friends;)

Edit: according to WhatsApp Users by Country 2023 there are 9+ Million users in my country (Romania) and this is like “all people with a phone that can install an app”, yet I am still good.


I’d like to see Jolla work on stabilizing the OS to make phone calls and send and receive texts reliably first. My Sony Xperia 10 iii is still not quite right, even though it’s most of the way there. That’s kind of the point of a smartphone, right? That other stuff you mentioned shouldn’t even be on their radar at all.


Why not? One does not conflict with the other. Getting a crypto wallet app and adding ability to pay/tip in the store with crypto would not only generate a lot of free publicity for sfos but also fix one of the main pain points for app developers, if you got burned by crypto, just don’t use it, some will. If it helps get investors on board then even better

You underestimate the bad press it could also generate. It’s not wisdom to really go down this path. As a recent example, Mozilla announced at one point that they would accept crypto donations, and the backlash was large enough they walked back on it.

I’m totally fine with say the community writing whatever crypto apps they want to host in the store for people to use. I just believe it’s best if Jolla as a company doesn’t end up alienating customers by going the crypto bro route is really all.

Also you make assumptions about someone getting “burned” by it, but my motivations are purely ethical and driven by not propping up what I consider digital gambling. If individuals other than me want to pursue it, that is their choice. I just prefer corporations to keep their hands clean of it and not actively promoting it.

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Also, sidebar note, if you want to wave around the “don’t feed the troll” flag, consider posting under a real name next time like me. I’d like to know you are serious and not a “throwaway” profile as your account may suggest.

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Bad press might impact the sales of, lets be generous, 10000 licenses, in over a year, about to cover 1-2 developer salary (if all the reactions are negative). If crypto-bros invest it will cover whole of operations for two years, probably with ability to hire 1-2 devs to work exclusively on the crypto stuff. What mozilla does is irrelevant, they waste their googol money firing devs and ‘investing’ in esg initiatives, jolla really shouldn’t follow their lead.

Nah thanks, I’m good, trolls here anyway put their initials and date of birth on this forum, so judge by the content, nicks are worthless

I beg to differ. But at this rate, you and I will be talking past each other, and I’m not really going to change your perspective, which is fine. Everyone else here on the forums can make up their own minds for themselves. I will say that, personally, I’m glad you’re not the one in charge of things here. :blush:

I’d rather Jolla not be a flash in the pan like NFTs had been. They focus on their core competencies (like making an OS that is rock solid on all counts) and leave the crypto stuff to the community to create apps for if the passion and desire really is there.

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It does not necessarily mean building another computer chat. There are some applications of neural networks that exist for some time that now get rebranded as AI, such as: optical character recognition (the open source OCR engine Tesseract has been using neural networks for a while), automated and local translation (Firefox Translations, shipped in standard in the recent FF versions).

I think google has a thing that can translate text by taking pictures. You could now write an open source software that does this locally. It can provide solutions that do not depend on cloud, which is positive for SFOS and for the users.

It could also be a better engine for the suggestions when writing messages. You don’t have to know the algorithm behind, it will just make suggestions more contextually relevant.


What one may easily overlook in this context is that being able to run WhatsApp on SFOS does not automatically mean you have to run it 24/7.
As an example, I have the policy asking everyone who wants to contact me on WA to please call or text me first and to give me 5 minutes to start the app. After the conversation is finished I stop WA (along with Android App Support) and I’m good again. Worked for me like that for years providing best of both worlds. You have WhatsApp when you need it but at the same time you limit the exposure to potential spyware to the bare minimum.


A good compromise. I also manage it with Fernschreiber; when I want to have silence at home, I simply close the app. Sometimes, it’s a blessing not to have a mandatory background daemon running.


You could also just set ‘do not disturb’ mode.

You are so right. I never had or intended to have contact to your dad or your long time friends or maybe a quarter of humanity. Although they might all be very nice.

And I am so right:

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I have hundreds of contacts and all of them use WhatsApp and/or Viber.
Maybe a couple of people using (or just installed once) signal and literally never heard anyone using the other app you mentioned.
I don’t doubt that your circle uses these 2 apps, but I wouldn’t call that standard IM app usage in EU.


And so do I.

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