Is there an Updated Community Port of Sailfish OS for Jolla 1?

Jolla has stopped providing Sailfish OS updates for Jolla 1 Phone. This is disappointing as they didn’t even bother to fix some of the bugs persisting in Sailfish OS 3.4 which is suppposed to be the last OS update for Jolla 1.

Is there a community port of Sailfish OS that is working to provide the new OS updates for Jolla 1 too?


No and there will be no community port for Jolla 1.

Sadly, this isn’t a question about “being bothered”, just simply that hardware is too old and adaptation puts a lot of roadblocks for some upgrades that would fix some bugs. Think about the way gecko is compiled, for example.
It is just a very old phone.

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Ah cmon.
Not as old as some still-in-use N900s! :wink:

Well, by all means, feel free to work on a port - of course we can’t predict what the community can do here, just trying to explain some of the restrictions to support it.