Is the "new" Gecko engine used in SilicaWebView?

Hi there,

is the “new” Gecko engine used in SilicaWebView in Sailfish OS 3.4 or is it still the Webkit one from Qt?

If not (what I think) is there any documentation / tutorial / example available how to use the Gecko engine inside own Sailfish OS app project?

Hope that somebody can help and I don’t need to figure it out by investigating the email app code :wink:.


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Why do you think so?

From the changelog:

  • [email] Use the Gecko WebView to display HTML emails.

But there was also a release just some minutes ago, which updates the user agent string. Seems they forgot this in the previous 3.4 release.

EDIT: Usage: There is a very short example in the README. Maybe you get some more hints in the qml files of this dir.

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Sailfish OS 3.4 has Gecko 52, this is for the next release (which is awesome btw, 60.9 is only from 1 year ago!).


Wow, at this pace we will soon have a rendering engine from the future!!! :crazy_face: