Is Silica AutoFill component working?

In jolla-calendar, in EventEditPage.qml in eventName- and eventLocation-TextFields there are AutoFill-components

Private.AutoFill {
id: locationAutoFill
key: “calendar.eventLocation”

Are those supposed to remember the event names and locations, and show them in the list of word suggestions?
If so,
a) I haven’t noticed any effect.
b) Can this component be used for any input field in any app just by changing the key?

a) yes, it is working for me. when I’m creating new calendar event it is suggesting previously used event names. But it is strange that it is not working for event location…

b) I don’t think so, as it is in private namespace, it cannot be used in applications distributed via Harbour… But there should not be problem when application is distributed via OpenRepos, there are no such limitations.


I’d like to also add, that as this is in private namespace, there are zero quarantees that the API stays the same, or even exists in future SFOS releases. So, when your app breaks during the next update, don’t say we didn’t warn you :wink:

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It would be awesome to have that functionality available outside of Private.* at some point, might be worth it to bring that up at a future community meeting!

Created a bug report

Try taking part in the poll API Priority poll, take II. Autofill is in the middle of the list.


Seems like I missed that, when I last voted. Did now, ty <3