Interest to create a cooperative

I think it’s technically mostly extortion not theft but that’s maybe even more of an incentive to try to channel some of it out of their clutches and into Sailfish :slightly_smiling_face:

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I support a cooperation, only if the entity will have a say in the future development of the Sailfish OS and of course a share of the future earnings. Charity(I include here also EU or other political financial “help”) is never working!

In this situation, a cooperative will never be able to impose its vision every time and force Jolla to implement the needs/wishes of a minority owner. At the moment, it is not possible to buy shares in Jolla.

We have to be aware that we are not the only customers and that everyone has different needs. I like the current approach. Namely to support the SailfishOS developer community. Where a cooperative can be interesting is in lobbying to direct and accelerate the development of important features for the benefit of the cooperative members.

Most likely it will not, unless it’s big enough to buy Jolla out :slight_smile:
Setting unrealistic goals right from the start would only ensure the project to be guaranteed to fail.

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It can be big enough! But what’s the point to give Jolla money (besides our licenses), if we have the same old bugs from Release to Release? If we give money, without conditions, we validate the current management strategy, which is obviously not the best.

This is why it is important to define the aims of the cooperative. By being well structured, it would be possible to be efficient. There is nothing to prevent the cooperative from collaborating with Jolla and allowing a freelance developer to be paid to collaborate with Jolla but to perform tasks for the cooperative.


I believe it’s certainly possible to organize an umbrella org. that executes discrete functions but benefits from shared resources. Whether it’s appropriate I’m sill mulling over. The main advantages:

  • ease of incorporation
  • low initial capital requirements
  • tax exemption simplifying things like ‘resale’ (a to consumer lic.will incur an Umsatz tax in Germany, for instance)

But it might still make sense to have another legal structure.

I just realized that I had neglected to look at the state of the ubports foundation, which is a least a reasonable reference. Anyone have a contact?

For reference, the original in German only: and a DeepL version

And before I forget this one again, I had looked in this direction for another purpose last year:

Manjaro, F-Droid, among others use it.


So you are still there. I am sorry that you didn’t find something suitable yet.

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I’m moving to Sweden in August. Then we can start doin some stuff :slight_smile:


Cool! Then you may have an opportunity to witness @attah’s 75 thermometers in his kitchen! I may have to travel just to see that! (irc fragment bubbles over into the forum). Good luck with the move!

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Very nice! Welcome!  

It’s a big step, not without loss, but wise, good luck in Sweden!

Not going to steal the topic anymore. But yes, all this stuff around moving is expensive a lot. Will make an own topic after i get my stuff back from moving company :smiley:


I’m in Sweden: Offtopic: Hi, i just moved to Sweden


Linking back here

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Beside the link to a funding opportunity, Patchmanager web catalog failure: any workaround? - #6 by nerd7473 begs the question if some heavily used projects like Patchmanager need a sustainable infrastructure.

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Maybe the server used for the hosting of web catalogue is still with the moving company…

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Thanks. That was funny. Even after watching: John Oliver marrying a Cabbage.

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