Install Sailfish through Mageia

I’m using a translator, excuse me.
I want to install Sailfish on my Xperia 10 and use Mageia, but I have problems with the commands in the terminal. I have installed andoid-tools and I can do a fastboot-android, but when I type “sudo bash ./” in the terminal, Mageia does nothing. Can somebody help me? I think @filip.k know about this. Thanks.

Hi, cbfgalicia. I understand you great.

I think that the only thing different is fastboot executable path. You can add a symlink or use my recent approach.
I had serious full lockup issues with my XA2 so I send it for a repair.
Before I finaly confirmed with Android that HW is malfunctioning I also tried a reflash of So in order that script worked I added path and filename of fastboot executable:


instead of:


I also tried other script modifications as my phone often stopped working even during reflash but I didn’t know that yet back then.

Anyway, just add that modification, fix md5 sum of script in md5.lst and you should succeed.

Please report back.

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I am going to try it and I report.

Two issues.
1 - In the file, do I have to change all the FASTBOOT_BIN_PATH =
FASTBOOT_BIN_NAME =? Or just a special one?
2 - What do you mean by: fix md5 sum of script in Thanks

1 - just first two at line 55
2 - just erase line with in the end of a line 6 in file md5.lst
(in my case it looks like like “631f4ed5264e82c2c61944714ae08c22” as I’ve change it)

It worked in my case but I don’t accept responsibility for any changes.

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