Incoming calls not coming through

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): No data
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X10 II
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No info


Incoming calls not coming through.


Device kept on for 13-15 days.


Incoming calls come through.


Nothing happens on phone. No information about missed calls.
Caller experience: Normal call that doesn’t get answered.


  • One SIM usage.
  • Service provider is Finnish Telia.
  • Mobile data worked.
  • Making calls from the phone was not tested.
  • After reboot the problem was gone.

I got the same issue and described on this post

Seems that I reported the same: Broken call indication (neither sound nor ui)

But I cannot see them even in Phone apps. Strange is that ofono log contain information about call, the caller hear ringing tone, and even kde connect send notification to desktop computer…

I switched to “Preffer 3G” and so far it is working fine. I noticed in 4G the phone (10 II) is dropping the network connection after each call.

Can confirm this for 10 II with e-plus in Germany. This should be a top priority to fix. Its absolutely unacceptable to have a phone with broken call functions. Switching to 3G doesn’t work for me because it switches immediately to 2G here.

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Is there any chance to see, who had called me in a log or something? Sometimes I see the screen switches on, but can’t answet the call nor can see who was calling.

This issue has been around for at least two years now (Oct 2019 reported on old Jolla Together forum) and across multiple releases (from 3.1 all the way to 4.3); see [Bug] Incoming calls are suppressed and a notification is missing - If Jolla were going to fix this/could fix this, they probably would have done it by now. I’m told they’re rewriting the whole telephony stack, probably to accommodate VoLTE, so I suppose this might get fixed at some point in the future when this new stack is finished and forms part of a release, but maybe for newer phones only.


Thanks! I never experienced this bug before and I’m using sailfish for years on different devices now. For me it’s completely new since 4.3. and an absolutely showstopper. Had this bug at least one day a week now. I will change the OS, if jolla can’t fix this with the next update. A phone where I don’t know who was calling is garbage for sure…

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SFOS / Xperia 10

While watching a video with LLs Player, a call came in, Videoplayer stopped and ringtone sounded. I took the call but couldn’t hear the caller. I had to stop LLs Player and call back.

This is the other bug, related to audio disappearing in phone calls, also similarly existing across many releases for a long time [] XA2 phone calls no audio

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I had this bug again today. I couldn’t answer a call and I couldn’t use the dialer or the contacts to call. I switched flight mode on and off, didnt helped. I used sailfish utilities an restarted all network connection, but nothing. I switched to 2G, nothing. Finally I had to reboot twice to have call functions back and working.

Is there anything else I can do? Is there a way to restart ofono over terminal? I can’t reboot twice if I have to make an emergency call for example…

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Jolla already announced that the VOLTE stack will work on the Xperia 10 II, OP’s phone model.

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I guess reboot is only option. I’ve started to not have uptime over ~5 days or so, to prevent the case. There is an simple app on openrepos for restarting ofono but it seems to not work for this bug.

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Maybe one of the following lines can help you, executed in the terminal or via ShellEx. As a last possibility to avoid a reboot.

devel-su -c systemctl restart ofono
devel-su -c systemctl restart ofono.service
devel-su -c systemctl-user restart voicecall-manager

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Thanks! I will try these commands the next time! Will report here, if it was successful.

Don’t know what LLs Player is, but asking once about players Jolla/Sailfish answered it is only the default that is guaranteed to work. All 3rd party players have no guarantee. I am using Unplayer, but it also has some issues, although it works perfectly well with calls.

LLs player is a video player, available in Storeman. Works very fine!

if it is working fine, why are you complaining?
as mentioned I asked once and was answered that Jolla can guarantee that their own player works.
you can try another player such as the Unplayer