In-ear-speaker: What can I expect from a sailfish phone

I am thinking about to buy a set of in-ear-speaker (e.g., but I am unsure about the functionality I can get with Sailfish (on my XA2). Many product pages refer to a special app. I would be happy, if I can get some hints about possible restrictions in functionality or about products that work well with sailfish:

  • are there certain types of wireless in ear speaker that don’t work?
  • do I have to expect lower quality?
  • a product with microphone for phone calls would be nice - will it work with sailfish?


If its bluetooth it will most likely work. If it needs a companion app for setting up things its going to be a pain. But you can always do this with another device.


I’ve already used several Bluetooth headsets of serval brands with SailfishOS. All worked as expected. Also, interactions with buttons worked more or less. Remote control of audio player via MPRIS worked, however not all buttons operated as described by the manufacture, such as skip/jump to next track may be replaced by jump forward by 10 secs or 1 minute. Not sure whether this is an issue of MPRIS or the app that receive those MPRIS commands.
Play / Pause always worked for me, Volume up/down as well.
Picking up, rejecting or terminating a phone call hardly worked for me.
Other functions such as equalizer had to be done through companion app (on desktop).

Actually from Amazon’s product description and the manual, I don’t see anything crucial that requires the companion app. From my experience with my current Bt headset, tapping a button three times requires quite a bit of concentration and the error rate is rather high.
Maybe you can reprogram touch interaction with a desktop app.

If you go for those ear buds, please let me know if they keep the promise of noise-canceling and what you think about them. If you like them, I may swich as well.

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Here’s a list of already confirmed Bluetooth devices.

Sound quality will be fine, but not great due to no higher-quality/bitrate codecs. The mic will be garbage, most likely. And indeed forget about companion apps.

What makes you believe this?
In fact, the microphones of most of my headset were rubbish, but I expected that the 6 microphone of that headset enables it to filter between your voice and the background noise.
Is there anything related to SaiflishOS that limits the quality of the microphone?

Working with a team that all use Linux, and were many takes some days remotely… I’d say this is a general problem with Bluetooth mics on Linux. One person is an eternal potato; another uses his Android phone - the rest, like me, use wired. SFOS is just another distro in that regard it would seem.

None of my 3 (4?) Bluetooth headphones have had a mic that has been usable, although i’m fairly sure that had that been the case on e.g. Android people would have been up in arms and returning them left right and center.

With regard to mic quality, with this:

I had positive feedback. Others of mine were not that good…
(yes I know, not the same kind the OP is looking for)

Hello again,
I just bought EarFun Air Pro 3. The speakers work really well. I also tested the mic on my windows machine and it was quite good. Unfortunately when connected to my XA2 the microphone does not work at all. It just uses the phones mic. Is there any way to get the mic working? Otherwise I will have to resell them.

In Settings Sailfish states supported profiles: “SPP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP”.

I’ve used my AirPods Pro 2 a couple of times with my 10 III.
The biggest issue is was when I stopped using them the device didn’t work properly. Like freezing or lagging, I can’t describe it because I was at work and didn’t have time to lose.
Other than that they won’t stop playing even if you drop them in the case, they won’t stop playing when you take them of your ears and adjusting the volume from the headphones is completely different from adjusting the volume from the device.
For example if you have let’s say the volume at 10% adjusted from the headphones and max it out from the phone, your max volume would still be 10% unless you start adjusting from the headphones.
Sound quality is mediocre, microphone worked but I got some complaints from the other side (can’t be sure about that though).

In general pretty bad experience so far, so If anyone is thinking about buying a pair of those I would not recommend them for the 10 III with sailfish.

What a shame, I was hoping for a good new headset candidate.
Unfortunately I cannot help but hope you’ll find a solution for that.