Import SMS to SFOS form N900

I have a big SMS db from my previous N900 that I wouldn’t like to let go.
I exported the SMS db with glogarchive.
The result is a csv file with these column headers:

  • ID
  • Events.Outgoing
  • storage_time
  • start_time
  • end_time is_read
  • flags
  • bytes_sent
  • bytes_received
  • local_uid
  • local_name
  • remote_uid
  • remote_name
  • channel
  • free_text

I am wondering if there would be a way to import that into commhistory.db
My python knowledge is rusted and my sqlite one is very thin.
I’d be very thankful for your help.

Not the newest software, but it’s worth a try :

Thanks, yeah, forgot to mention.
I was hopeful triing it at the beginning.
I think it doesn’t work anymore. It acts like importing but at the end, nothing happens, no new (old) messages.

So, I thought of making a shell script with a for loop using sqlite3 for each line of the csv.
But I am not very trained any more and it’ll probably take me days to achieve something correct.
So, I thought, “there might be some thunderbrain girls/guys on FSO who will do that in seconds”.

Like your python script to convert user nemo to defaultuser, in example. :yum:

The main issue is the table structure. Since SailfishOS, they are different from Maemo and they’re different table which I don’t know exactly their utility.
Have you looked at TMO if there is a python script doing what you want?

Yes, I also asked there but no one seems having a ready made solution.
Well, in that case, I’m gonna prepare much coffee, some aspirine and begin experiments :–)

So, after trying glogarchive + Jolla-morse without results for some reason I didn’t get,
We now have a working solution to import SMSes from the N900 to SFOS . :partying_face: thanks to @pherjung who made the initial script and helped me to refine it.

It is a python script located here:

I have tested it on a single and a dual XA2.
Formally, it is a work in progress: the code will/could be improved. But it is already working:
I could see 10 years of SMS conversations back!
Feel free to comment and feedback.

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