Imageworks, Videoworks, Audiocutter [+8 others] - end of development, looking for maintainers

Thanks but it’s still 99,9 % tobias work :slight_smile: I’m beginning some work with community input on Imageworks so maybe have a peek and let us know if we’re moving in the wrong direction …

It’s mainly usability UI stuff… and don’t fee. obliged :wink:

My pleasure!

Sure. Someone asked me to start contributing to a wiki attempt and I have to dig up what they asked. That was basically what they were asking, too.

In a sense, Martyone basically cleared up all my library packaging confusion with one reply in:

This case is complicated because the PILL library has cpython libs include which in turn link to system libraries. The documenation confused the hell ouf of me but Martyone got me over the hump.

What’s S’'Play?

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I suspected i was not alone :slight_smile: Thank you.

It is just a small app i made as a WebView wrapper and URL-grabber for, the streaming version of Sweden’s public service TV. Neither the WebView or the gecko-based browser could play the videos there, but i figured out that a QML MediaPlayer could… so i made an app out of it.

Now the regular browser can play those videos, the WebView is terribly slow, and my home-grown URL-grabber keeps breaking… so only some bits around the player are actually better with my app. (Subtitle handling, cropping and Jupii/DLNA integration). I thought i could re-invent it as a handler for a specific domain, now that those are a thing.

The reference collection guy at: [Wiki][Documentation] Inventory of existing SFOS documentation

had asked me, an I’ll do a write-up/overview that I link there!

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Where’s the repo? I’ll have a look!

The re-do in Python is only at the idea stage. It is still just a pure QML app, with my sub-par URL grabber. Overcoming the packaging woes might just do the trick to get me started with that.

But, for reference, it is here:
The plan is to integrate this and basically just keep the player part.

Ok, what’s happing with packaging that’s causing you trouble?

Maybe i’m just being silly, and it just works™, but especially in the Cargo case (and when there is a gazillion files, or the dependencies are just pip magic) i just don’t know where to start with packaging it all up.

Ah! I see. I do this ‘the hard way’ ™. I don’t use any build automation or piplines. With python that’s a mess anyway. I go to (pillow for instance) … and look a the releases. Then I download the arch files and sort through them, put them in {project}/lib/arch/{lib} … and use the python support in the sdk (python.path and so on).

It’s kind of a pain, but then I try to keep to discrete depends.

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