Imageworks, Videoworks, Audiocutter [+8 others] - end of development, looking for maintainers

Dear fellow sailors,
over a course of 3 years I have written and uploaded quite a few apps for Sailfish on openrepos. I am not a programmer, you might guess that from my code. However some apps were deeply missed, so I decided to dig in and put the results on openrepos in my “planetos_store” repository. These are apps like Imageworks, Videoworks, Audiocutter, Scribble and others.
Now for lack of resources and time I would hereby ask if someone would be willing to maintain the repository or continue development? They do not need much attention even with OS updates. If you are just starting out with Sailfish, you should be fine. Hoping to hear from you.


Where can we see the source? I’d be willing to take on some maintenance.

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Good news, just send you a PM. Looking forward to hearing from you and and see which ones you can imagine taking on.

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What all apps are needing maintainance?

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first of all, many thanks for all your wonderful apps; not just Imageworks, Videoworks and Audiocutter, but also your other, nice utilities!
Only very few other SFOS-native apps come close to these WRT look & feel, usability and (for the first three: rich) functionality.

I also appreciate your motion to release their source code very much, as discussed long ago in a comment thread of the (now deleted) Imageworks development repository at Openrepos. Although it is unfortunate, that this motion is triggered by the intention to transfer the maintainership of all these apps.
Hence I repeat my offer to help you selecting an appropriate source code hoster and OSI-approved license.
If you do not want to take care of this (either aspect: license and / or hoster choice), I can do that for you.
If you want to minimise your work for this, I can also take care of creating projects at the hoster and uploading their content, when you make the source code (plus spec file, build scripts, artwork (icons, example media files etc.), etc.) of these projects accessible (i.e., downloadable) for me. In this case, I would also handle the process of approving a new maintainer, but that will not be me.

Kudos to you for all your excellent work!


Hello Olf,
thank you for your kind words in troubled times and even offering to upload these files to a hoster. I never really found time for it, but that would surely help. Would you send me a PM with your email address so I can get in contact?


Hello, I sent an email, but haven’t gotten a response. I’ll take over if you send me the source to take a peak at first. It’s probably just fine.

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I’m uploading the projects as I type.

If the components used for these apps are allowed can you please put them in the official store?

Yes, I’ll try to go there. I’m still going through the process of integrating the repos.

No rush obviously. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @planetos,
let me just use olf’s words to thank you

I do hope you are alright and staying with us?

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Hi Peterleinchen,
thank you too. And yes, I will stay around. It is merely a matter of time and resources right now as well as an opportunity for others to improve my humble contribution to the SF sphere.

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Hardly humble! Nice work! I’m happy to take on the mantle maintaining.

Just internalized the packaging of dependencies for Imageworks (it’s a bit bloated but I’m including the PIL libs for aa/arm and x86) … and fixed a bug in scribble (file saving).

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I’m getting the library depends (python libs) into application context. the apps should appear bit by bit in the jolla store in the next weeks.

beamcalc, concrete mixer, parkscheibe, scribble, and imageworks are in the jolla store now. Audioworks is in QA


@poetaster Are you planning to improve/develop the apps further or just to keep them as they are?

I am asking because i have a few suggestions (in the UI/UX side of things) that imo will make imageworks much better to use.

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I’m planning to work on the apps as I find time. There are bugs in numerous locations :wink: The imageworks to-dos include correcting parameters being passed to filters/effects which are incorrect on occasion, etc.

If it’s possible I’d like to-dos in the git hub repos. I also deal with pull requests so it’s something I look at frequently (at least once a week, unless I’m on vacation).

Just wanted to say thanks for your work, Imageworks is fantastic, use it often.

Firstly; thank you for doing this.

Secondly; since you seem quite apt at packaging dependencies with Python apps, would it be possible for you to do a write-up of how to do that in the best way?

I’m asking both because needs clean-up (and a new maintainer). I’m probably not well-suited, but if nobody else steps up I could at least take it one step of the way.

I also think i need to rework S’'Play to be a wrapper for an existing URL-grabber, that happens to be in Python.