Ideas for funding SFOS

Do you practice cancel culture ???
Maybe you did get some money from that Vaccine Agreement too…

I do see the connection !!
Good point !!

I remember Ubuntu Phone used to have a simple web app builder integrated into the OS, i.e. you could use any web page as an “app”. Basically a (configurable) wrapper around webview. But I have never used that myself, just read about it.


Apparently Flatpak can also be used for creating cross plattform apps for Linux, Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. But as for Webapps, Jolla had some reasons not supporting that technique…

Could you get flatpak to work on sailfish os?

It is not officially supported but if you have deeper knowledge, you can get it to work, through the installation of a few missing packages :slight_smile:

I could install flatpak-runner but then i don’t know how to install flatpaks

There was a project by rinigus to support flatpak apps on sailfishos, but it was dropped in favour of the Qt 5.15 runtime. Essential goal was to provide a modern browser (Angelfish) to devices without android support (e.g. tama). However, besides the browser there were not many suitable apps around, because they have to be compiled for wayland and have a touch interface (and in my case be compiled for 32 bit), that narrowed down the available stock quiet a lot. In total I had the impression that - besides the browser - it is not really worth the effort, and apparently that’s also the developpers’ stance.

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Not sure if this is on the topic. But Jolla asked about subscription model on the community meeting 15 th of Feb, how much would we willing to pay per month, to support development. I like this option, would it make sense to have some voting on this ?


Probably a separate thread with a dedicated poll with amount per time options would be better suited, this thread is… going places


Apparently earth getting greener is now getting scientists worried (fairphone pls stop planting trees!!!) Angle for jolla?


Uh oh, EU bros, looks like ESG is not popular anymore: The Industry Is Abandoning ESG. No One Should Be Surprised. – Paul Winkler, Inc
What will EU do with all those mandated ESG commisars in each and every corporation?

google how much forrest we loose per day in sibiria and the amazons and then tell me that earth turns greener

i get head aches from such articles


I’d guess you did not read the article? It does not argue there are more forests etc. It says the existing forests look more green than some time before (because of CO2). Also, farmlands (industrial or not) are seen as ‘green’ by sattelites.
They even seem to argue that it isn’t a good thing. So don’t go by clickbaity headlines.