ICE (In Case Of Emergency) field on lock screen

Some phone OS implementations allow the display of a simple text field on the lock screen where the phone’s owner can have a phone number (or other contact method) of a spouse, partner, family member, friend, etc which can be contacted in the event of an emergency or something as simple as a lost phone should they wish to do so. Usually there is a simple dialog in the settings app to enter what the user wants displayed. If the user wants nothing displayed the field is left empty. I think this would be an easy and useful addition to Sailfish.


Agree, good idea!

  1. for calling a pre-stored number (doctor, relatives) without the need to unlock the phone before (for older or sick people),
  2. for emergency call (112) possibility by everyone who has the phone in the hands.

Yeah, but …

Maybe you can check whether the patch ‘Devicelock faith text’ by ancelad still works?

It almost had everything requested and more (or less).


Your second remark is already possible: from the original user guide: Emergency calls

Your Jolla can always make an emergency call - enter your local emergency number. From the PIN query and Device lock screens, first tap the emergency call icon, then enter the emergency call number.

To be honest I wasn’t really thinking about this function, but more about a contact (e.g. a close relative, etc) that the emergency services themselves could perhaps very quickly call if something happened. For example I don’t regularly carry anything else (e.g. driving license) that has any form of contact info on it. Or of course if the owner lost his/her SFOS phone then the finder could contact the ICE number to return it

Well, I could, but really I try to avoid patches in the main as there often seems to be other issues they cause to the official Jolla OS image. I’m always reading of this or that problem - which then turns out to be a problem nothing to do with Jolla, but a patch that has had unforeseen consequences. If I was more technically capable then I might try - but I’m not, so I won’t :slight_smile: . At the end of the day I’m just a normal user who will stick with the vanilla offering from Jolla and hope it will get sufficiently robust and usable one day that I can use a Sailfish phone as my daily driver. I think I am a bit of a dreamer :wink:


Yes, you are right. I really must confess that I did not look carefully… :innocent:

This old TJC post summarises the requirements for “ICE” functionalities very well!
As much as I would like to see Jolla implementing this, I do also understand well that this is a kind of feature, which almost always becomes pushed back by implementing “currently more urgent ones”.

It also contains a link to an older RPM patch by virgi, which was superseded by Ancelad’s “device lock faith text”, which is available from Patchmanager3’s web-catalog and was already discussed by peterleinchen.


But just take a look at the date of the request (and much others) and you know what to expect …

I personally did resolved this with a background picture (primary ambiance). It has informations for the case if it got stolen and for the ICE case also the blood group.


Oh wow - 2014 - Seven years ago for something so simple. I think I’ll just forget about putting in feature requests in the future. Its a pity Jolla doesn’t make more use of the Sailfish community developers’ efforts to perhaps include features in SFOS which is either not their immediate priority, or that they don’t have the resources to develop themselves. Yes, I know contributions would still have to go through Jolla QA and testing, but even then that must be less effort than developing themselves.


On my XA2 Ultra ( the patch doesn’t work. Which is a pitty, because the patch was really nice.

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I would like to have an option to choose a locked screen ambiance.Then it would be possible to provide personal information on the locked screen. I really understand ICE futures are not provided by Jolla because of privacy. I think my proposal could be implemented without to much effort. Thanks in advance!

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Well then, just do it. But actually I think it would be much easier to revive Ancelad’s “Device lock faith text” Patch.

For my very own use, I created a very simple patch for Patchmanager, which basically adds two lines of customizable text to the Lock screen right below the weather icon, which can serve as ICE information. I didn’t bother to make any GUI to modify the text (as I don’t plan to ever change it) so in its current form it takes customizing the text in the patch itself by simply replacing [first line of your text] and [second line of your text] with what you want to be displayed there. Maybe one day I’ll add some simple GUI to edit it.

Note: not tested in horizontal screen orientation (like e.g. on the Gemini PDA) and probably not usable due to no space for additional lines of text.

The patch is as follows:


It looks like this:

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Thanks for this wetab73. Can you give more detailed instructions on how to install for non-power users?

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Copy the above patch to a text editor and save it as unified_diff.patch file.

Then copy & save the following text as patch.json file:


Then on the device go to /usr/share/patchmanager/patches directory, create contact-data-on-lockscreen folder in it and copy both files there.

For example, you can achieve this by typing in the terminal:

mkdir /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/contact-data-on-lockscreen
cp unified_diff.patch /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/contact-data-on-lockscreen/
cp patch.json /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/contact-data-on-lockscreen/

Reboot, go to Patchmanager and enable the patch.

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Thanks for the instructions.
No success on my device xperia xz2c, the files are where they should be. I had “Devicelock faith text” installed (but never worked) which even said ‘may conflict with contact data on lockscreen’…but no other sign of it being there. I removed faith text and rebooted but still no luck.


ls /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/contact-data-on-lockscreen/

and please copy that command’s output here to verify that both files - i.e. unified_diff.patch and patch.json - are indeed where they should be. If they are, and if you copied their contents from here correctly, it just has to work.

BTW I don’t have the weather indicator on my device.
patch screenshot