Hutspot for aarch64?

I’m also very interested. Going from Xperia 10 to Xperia 10 III the only thing I really miss is working hutspot…

Ok, so here is my configuration. The .zip-file contains the binary as well as the source code. If you unpack it to /home/defaultuser/ , you only need to adapt my launch-script to use your username. I have also included the scipt here

Librespot .zip-file: Proton Drive
Launch script: Proton Drive

I hope I could help you :upside_down_face:


If you have rust/cargo installed, you can ‘cargo install cargo-rpm’. Instructions are here - It’s very simple… Just CD to the package directory, (in your ~/.cargo folder), run ‘cargo-rpm init’, then ‘cargo-rpm build’

@Levone1 does this also work with build options? Because with Librespot you specifically need --features

After running ‘init’, a spec file is created, which can be edited as usual. I don’t remember the specifics about Hutspot, since I just did it as a test, and don’t use it…

Thank you very much! Works great!

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Tried with your files but I’m still getting the Failed to transfer error, this is starting to get annoying haha

Edit - installed Spotify on my Gentoo box and played songs from my laptop to the phone, since then it seems to connect well so far, hopefully stays like it

That’s strange - Is that an error from Hutspot or from Librespot? What does the Librespot Terminal-Output say when this error occurs? Can you tell me exactly what you do to get this error?

Opened Hutspot, then started Librespot through the terminal, when i selected the device through Hutspot and chose Set to Active it would say “Failed to transfer to: 404: not found”, so then it couldn’t play any songs obviously.

I used verbose option with the Librespot command but couldn’t see anything bad in that output.

But this morning since playing through my laptop it seems to be okay, will wait and see if it stays good or not.

Good to here that it works now!

Hutspot and Librespot are in general very buggy. Sometimes, you just need to wait some time and then it works fine again.

Thanks for the share

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You’re welcome! Nice to see that I can help some people

If anyone is up for trying this 64bit package i built for my phone, it allows Hutspot (from Chum) to control Librespot via the Systemd service and i successfully registered my credentials in Hutspot also which get cached, so you should only need to register your credentials once.

Hopefully it works okay for others, but if not let me know


Ps. if you need to change any configuration they are in the service file (/usr/lib/systemd/user/librespot.service)

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Could you upload the package on chum or openrepos?

I’ll have a look at putting onto openrepos a little later, just wanted to make sure it works for others first

I can’t get hutspot to run amymore on 4.5 :confused:

[W] unknown:36 - file:///usr/share/hutspot/qml/hutspot.qml:36:5: Type SpotifyController u
SpotifyController {
[W] unknown:15 - file:///usr/share/hutspot/qml/components/SpotifyController.qml:15:5: Typ
e PlaybackState unavailable
PlaybackState {
[W] unknown:10 - file:///usr/share/hutspot/qml/components/PlaybackState.qml:10:1: module
“org.nemomobile.mpris” is not installed
import org.nemomobile.mpris 1.0

Can you verify that mpris-qt5-qml-plugin is installed?

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Great, should have thought of that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

At least for me, it doesn’t work. Hutspot still says that Librespot isn’t available

Does anything show up in devices when you open Hutspot and if you pull down on the devices page does it say if Librespot is started or not?