How to use dBus org.sailfishos.maps?

Tapping the address-field in contacts makes call('openAddress', [street, city, region, zipcode, country]) in dBusInterface org.sailfishos.maps (Kvarken But I get something like Function not supported. Am I missing something? A mime-handler or correct settings?
Btw. org.sailfishos.maps is not listed in

It is an service/interface provided by sailfish-maps application → if you happen to have a device where sailfish-maps is available, installing it should make those dbus calls work.

Is this possible to be made to work with Pure maps? (its the only native app we have after all)

It’s not quite what you’ve asked for, but you can at least open pure maps with a command line option:

harbour-puremaps geo:[lat],[lng]

where [lat] and [lng] have to be replaced with the coordinates you’d like to center.

The following should also work for starting a location search:

 harbour-puremaps Searchterm

The first one is the workaround we are using in Fernschreiber for now.


(edit: corrected wrong info)

Pure Maps has command line support and DBus API. Search string should be entered as it is, no geo:// prefix. See README for details.

Right now cmd line parsing is broken in some cases, would have to work on the corresponding issue.

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Thanks for the correction!

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The behavior i would expect is tap the address on the Contacts > Open Pure maps and show the address on the map (instead of the operation is currently unavailable message).

Probably something Jolla should fix.

Yes. I was hoping this dBus could somehow be configured to run different map-apps. Especially now that Patchmanager seems to be having a long pause.
Btw. quite strange that in Contacts address field tries to open something but in Calendar address-field is not active.