How to reset the list of apps that can open a web page?

I have an XA2, updated now to SFOS I can’t remember what was the initial level, but at least 3.x
During the lifetime of the device I did add some alternative browser, like webcat, and so when accessing a link to an HTML page I got the request of which app to use.

However, since a while I uninstalled webcat, but when opening a link it is still listed among the options.
Besides, other more specialized apps, like microtube, also are in that list.

Is there a way to reset that list to just the default browser ?


You can delete, or edit


I removed all the other apps and left only:

[MIME Cache]

and now links open directly without any choosing list.

So this file is a cache… but it’s forever, no way to modify through regular UI?

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mime handling has always been a bit of a mess in Sailfish.

There is an app called Mimer that can do some things, but that’s the only GUI tool I know.

Yeah, I agree that there is little support from Jolla about the mime handling.
And, as far as I know, Mimer doesn’t seem to work anymore with SFOS 4.x.