Android: Reset which app is used to open links

When opening a link in an Android app the system used to present a dialog asking which browser should be used to open the link. The dialog allows also to use the option this once or always.

By accident I selected always and now always the wrong browser is used.

How can this setting be reset so the dialog reappears?

Note: searching the forum I found [1] but that seems to deal with native Sailfish apps, not the Android context.

This is in Xperia 10 III with the OS version

[1] How to reset the list of apps that can open a web page?

Open the terminal, exec:


It will open Android’s settings. Select Apps and notifications (or something similar), then Default applications.


Thank you for taking the time to reply! That worked :slight_smile:

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There is this ‘Launcher icon for android settings’ in Patchmanager’s web catalogue. Just saying…

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Good to know, thanks for the info!

The dialog can also be accessed tapping multiple times on the Android version under Settings/Android. This is similiar to opening the CSD tool taping on the OS version in settings.

But, this option seems to be only available on newer devices. My Xperia X doesn’t show the Andrpoid version under settings. So the patch manger option is a good alternative.


The “Default App” dialog offers radio buttons to select the default app. Can the selection be removed entirely, so that the system ask which app to use every time?

There is a Reset app preferences option reachable via the dialog where you select the default. The way for me to get there was Apps & notifications → “SEE ALL xx APPS” → Apps info → options in top right corner → “Reset app preferences”.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds but I can’t send a screen shot.

Beware that also clears other settings such as notifications and access rights - but also the default selection.