How to modify Android app so it thinks it was installed from Google Play

Does anyone know how to edit the information about which app is the installer? Recently Revolut joined the ranks of idiots and is checking whether the app was installed from Google Play and refuses to start if not.

Where is this information stored on SFOS? Can it be edited?

I got an app working by changing the installer method in aurora store from session installer to native installer

That didn’t work, sadly, the app refuses to install with native installer.

not sure if that helps, downgrade your Revolut app to an older version e.g. before 08/03 that should work for now, but it seems newer releases will have that problem unfortunately.

Figured this one myself. The method by @thigg works for some cases but if the app uses a bundle, native installer doesn’t work.

In that case it’s a little more complicated, you need terminal access and all that fun.

Before you start, you should stop the Android support, this shouldn’t be done on a phone with Android support running.

You need to edit the file /home/.android/data/system/packages.xml (for example by using the nano command). I strongly advise to backup this file before making any edits, if you do something wrong, you’ll break your Android installation and you’ll have to reinstall App Support and all Android apps.

There find a block with the app’s internal name (in my case it was com.revolut.revolut). There may be multiple results for this search term, find the one that has codePath, nativeLibraryPath and other such properties. On that exact line find this: installer="" installInitiator="" (it might be slightly different depending on what is the installer, this is an example for an app from Aurora Store). Replace the (or whatever your entry says) with for both options.

Afterwards save the file and start the Android support, the app should now think it came from the Play Store.