How to install SFOS on XA2 now?


Can someone please tell me which is the best way at the moment to install a SFOSX (free) on a factory reset XA2 (H3113,Android 8.0.0/50.1.A, bootloader not unlocked yet) while also being able to move back to Android stock or LineageOS and keeping best (camera) functions of the device?

The howto states “Android 9 and Android 8.1 are now okay as the starting point”, Zendesk recommends to use 50.1.A but “Android 9 for Sailfish 3.3.0 and later” (see [1] and [2]) and LineageOS-Howto tells to “ensure that the device is on the latest Android 9 firmware”.

So what’s the best way to prepare the phone for installing SFOS (and maybe moving back to Android) and which Version of SFOS should I use at the moment (downloaded 4.2 or new 4.3)?

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Well, you already researched the relevant sources, but I cannot see that Zendesk suggest using “50.1.A.x.y = Android 8.1”, rather the latest “50.2.A.x.y = Android 9”, but definitely not “50.3.A.x.y = Android 10”; which in line with the other statements.

I would also suggest to use the latest SailfishOS release for flashing (currently 4.3.0) for a couple of reasons.

The additional information in this guide might be helpful:

The camera will definitely degrade as some DRM partition gets erased and cannot be recovered.
Only solution to this: do not flash SFOS :frowning:

Nice to see known people here again… :wink: Thank you for your helpful responses.

Well, I referred to this:
[1] This Android 9 version appears to sometimes get an invalid WiFi MAC which prevents the phone from using WiFi networks (in the Android mode).

Could you please explain these “couple of reasons”? Reading the posts about 4.3, I’m really unsure if it wouldn’t be better to use 4.2 at the moment and stay with it as long as the problems with 4.3 are (hopefully) solved…

Thank you, peterleinchen. I’m totally aware of loosing camera quality forever once having unlocked the bootloader (sad but true - but even better than being stuck without knowing why)…

  1. “This” is 50.2.A.0.400, but not the latest Android 9.
  2. No, as this tedious and senseless. Just two:
    • Other SailfishOS 4 releases have been worse IMO.
    • A factory reset will throw you further back.

At the gitlab-page you recommended one can read 1.1 First steps → 5. Do not upgrade Android!:partying_face:

Good point…

Thanks for the moment. Further tips are welcome…