How to install commandline software (paricularly mosh)


I have enabled official jolla store, chum, and openrepos(storeman) on sfos, I am on gemini which has arm processor.

after installing a few gui apps from app stores, I wanted to get under the hood and set up some of my favorite command line tools.

I am using the standard pkcon, and I can find mosh (appears to be available through openrepos) where I struggle however is pinpointing the dependencies. I saw the author listed a dependency in the description in the gui version, so I could pick that one up, but after this, I find it a bit challenging to identify what I need, and where to get it from.
I managed to get libcrypto, but now I am searching for libtinfo, and here I get stuck.

Is there a better way to find and install command line tools, or am I forgetting something in my process?

hope to learn from some of you who have been using sailfish longer than me :slight_smile:


I just now learned about mosh, it looks like a neat tool indeed! It compiles without a hitch for SFOS and as the Openrepos packages are quite old, so I might toss it there, too!

The problem is, like you said, dependencies. It looks like the only thing missing is perl-IO-Socket-IP which is currently not packaged for Sailfish OS AFAICT. It comes with Perl 5.20, but SFOS 4.4 is at 5.16.3 still. I tried compiling perl but haven’t been successful so far… Once I get it working, I can try bumping it to 5.20. Or, I think it’s easier, compiling perl-IO-Socket-IP for the current perl version, that too was unsuccessful…

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mosh with a gui frontend (to manage your connections) would make a cool app i think but anyway.


yes, mosh is indeed a neat little tool, particularly when switching between connections. the same package is needed for client and server, and the correct range of ports have to be allowed to be used.
It leaves all the security to ssh, and re-establishes the connection behind the scenes, it is also great to use with tmux serverside.

Thanks for the reply! I can’t say I compile code from scratch all that frequent, but have occasionally done it. I do understand that CHUM is the rather new app repository whereas openrepos have been existing for a while, for now I am just using both interchangeably, and hoping everything works out fine :sweat_smile:

Thinking a long the lines of accommodating missing dependencies across sailfish versions: Are there such a thing as containerized apps for sailfish ? (thinking along the line of snap, flatpak, etc.) if that makes sense, although I have also no understanding if such solutions would be undesirable due to limited device memory or if that would be negligible.

Just a quick followup: I actually did find a flatpak client, I am a little puzzeled with all the permissions it requires, but it looks like it is working: GitHub - sailfishos-flatpak/main: Documentation and issues

edit: following the instructions on github, I could get mosh installed through flatpak, but launching it triggers opening of a new window, so some fiddling around would be needed. (it seems like mosh is behaving correctly in the terminal before that.)