Easy mosh installation on SFOS?

Could someone please create a clean and easy-to install mosh package on SFOS, perhaps into the Chum build system? Some older installation sets exist, but they seem to suffer from dependency issues with newer SFOS.

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Seems it ships a decent RPM spec, and isn’t overly complex in what it needs, so i messed around a bit.
I can get it building with:

sfdk tools package-install SailfishOS- autoconf
sfdk tools package-install SailfishOS- automake
sfdk build-shell ./autogen.sh
sfdk --specfile fedora/mosh.spec build

The first three steps can be omitted if you build from a release, but for whatever reason they don’t have the rpm spec included there instead.

If sfdk complains about “The command needs to be used from the top of the build tree”, you need to do sfdk build-init.
Don’t ask me why. Since if the “fix” is so trivial i cannot for the life of me understand why it is not automatic.

It will be interesting to learn what this translates to as a properly packaged chum version.