How to install Android apps from the Google Play Store?

Dear Jolla fans,
Today I install the os in brand new Sony 10 ii and everything is look fine and work well.
But I want to download applications “CCBANK” applications for banking., witch is in Google play store but I don’t know how to download from them. Is it have options to download from official Google play store because I need new version to work well. Can someone to help me?
And one more question is it possible to rune virtual machine to emulate android and to install app them for example like wayDroid and anbox for Ubuntu touch?

Welcome to forum !
are you using a paid license ? then you can use android support.
if not then waydroid is the only way to go.

regarding stores:
intall f-droid store, then from there aurora which is a proxy for google play.
if your app requires google play services you are kinda doomed anyway.
you will need to install micro-g

there is somewhere a thread for new users here. you might find some information there


there it is:

i did type in beginner into search :slight_smile:


Yes the version I have is paid. My idea is that I’m not looking for Google service, but I need this app because I can’t pay, and obviously the new versions are uploaded to Google play store. Because when I downloaded it, it says that the version is old and I can’t continue.

so you have installed android support from jolla store.
i am not sure if f-droid is in jolla store. if not download the apk from somewhere like:
then install aurora from f-droid, then search for your app in aurora …

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Gerneric, direct download link for the F-Droid Cilent app is:

As @pawel.spoon already mentioned, then install the Aurora Store app per F-Droid client app.
See here for further details.

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