How to edit the open with menu when opening a link?

Hi Sailors,
every time I want to open a link to the browser within Tidings I get asked which one to choose.
Both are the same. How can I edit the menu to delete one?

Thanks a lot in advance

BR Clint


What device are you using? And which version of Tidings? If I use the Website button in an article view it goes to a webview within which links work directly. I’m working on the new WebView now.

I don’t get this kind of link behaviour at all. PS. I’m the Tidings maintainer.

I think he means that when you’ve opened an article in Tidings, then pressed the website button to internally display the article in webview, you can then use the top pulley menu to open the article again, but in the web browser itself. If you have more than one app associated with the html mime type then you get a list of apps to choose from, no matter how unsuitable they are. I get the SFOS browser, Jupii (media streams), Piepmatz (tweet), etc - only the SFOS browser being usable in this context. I’ve also had double entries in the past where, presumably, a file/app association has been incorrectly duplicated in whatever database or file is used for this purpose. Its not a Tidings issue, but an SFOS OS issue in the way it handles app/file associations I think. There used to be an app called Mimer where you could edit the associations, but this seems not to work anymore, or at least it doesn’t on 64 bit arch.

I use Tidings all the time, a great app, and it will be really good to have a more modern webview as the current one renders some sites very badly. Thanks! :wave:

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Ah, of course I ‘no longer’ see that pulley menu since I removed it while implementing the new WebView. Hmmm. Should Probably retain that…

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Isn’t there some functionality that you get with the web browser that you don’t get with webview (even the new Gecko based one)? If so, agree it would be good to keep the external browser option.

Well, you can’t really do stuff like book marking, for instance. I’m adding it to the initial view so that you can choose there to go with the internal (icon in the view) or use the pulldown to go external.

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Version 1.3 on openrepos, coming to chum and the jolla store.


Just downloaded, new webview is miles better!

Yup. I’m a bit behind and was a bit hesitant because it’s SFOS > 4.2 But, people can of course still use oder versions from openrepos (up 1.2.5). And it really is much nicer. The pulley to open from article short view is also in a better position, I feel. You quick & dirty click to the webview if you’re just looking for this article in the original. You open in browser if you believe you might want context, look-up in wikipedia, or the like.

Hi poetaster,
i´m using XA2 4.4. with Tidings 1.2.5.
Steve_Everett explained it in the right way.
I use the normal browser to read a newspaper ( - Die Nachrichten der ARD) with no plain text delivery.
BR Clint
PS.: great app :slight_smile:

It seems to me to be a SailfishOS issue and not a Tidings problem.

more of the credit still goes to pycage (Martin Grimme) · GitHub who also wrote cargodock :slight_smile:

Have you tried the excellent Hafenschau for ? @BlacksheepGER

I didn´t try Hafenschau because I want to use different apps as less as possible for the same function. ^^

It’s fast :slight_smile: But I use it, Tidings and allthenews for different media.

The new webview solves a lot of issues for me! Thank you for updating!
OT: I have the same issue when opening links (via the mail-app, tidings, etc). I think it was caused by a clockwork icon theme. After removing, all duplicates were gone, except for the browser.

How did you solve the double clockwork icon theme? What did you remove?

Clockwork was installed via storeman - Clockwork | — Community Repository System
I don’t know which icon pack I used. But that caused a lot of duplication in the ‘open with’-list. All of those were removed when I uninstalled the icon pack & clockwork, except for the duplicate native browser.

ok. i´m not using a icon pack.
the duplicate must have some other reason.

I really have no problems with WebView. I need to login in android app and it’s needs to be handle by android brower. On XA2 when I wanted to log in from mentioned app I had a pop-up window “open with”. I had to use opera or build in browser. Build in one can’t login (“Login” button doesnt do anything), but it logged in fine with opera. I would login in the same way (Through Opera of course) on my 10 III but I don’t have this “open with” window, it goes straight to build in brower.

How could I bring it up?