How to delete uploaded attachments

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I just uploaded a wrong pic into that post above (the third).
Luckily it was not anything personal!

How can we delete such accidentally uploaded attachment from the server?
From the post it is easy, just remove the link text. But I guess it stays on server?


Good question, right now one can see your :star: map through
Was encoraged to check “History” of a own post by me. At the “History”-view no edit possible, only a edit-button leading back to the related post. (Side note; seems server detect pictures by hashsum). Might be it stay on the server. However, wondering if kept visible to others, link above, once you remove your link text from your post? At least I see my own removed pictures through deep-link, how about you :slight_smile: :



I deleted the link text and still can see the pic via link in your answer above.
I am pretty sure you can also still access it?

Regarding your pic I can access and see it.

So it stays on server!
And eveybody is able to see it by the help of the edit history.

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… Interesting to see to be able click onto :pencil: at top right of an other member’s post, which work if logged in. [Side note: There migth be a better symbol for 'Post's History View', and how many times edited shall not shown]
… As for the :framed_picture: even if not logged in, they can be looked up through the deep-link :astonished: of course need to know the excat name of it, if mistyped one can see this server seems based on OPENRESTY. Anyway.
… At least: Now we know care needed by throwing anything into this platform :hole:
As some reading is offered from:
e.g. at ToS point 6, second paragraph stating “we do not have the technical capability to manually remove”.
However, behind ‘show more’ “…” :tada: I just recognized “trash_can” to delete a post! Upon click onto, the post turn into a message as “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)” I’ll check how this may become true :clock1: :clock7: :clock11: :wink: with my trial postings at different thread.

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I deleted my post but do not think that the picture will vanish from server…

Remain visible through deep-link. However, seems a bit more strange! One of the pictures at my test-post is not visible anymore, just the “older” one. Might be this is related to a period where “things” are “allowed”. Quite confusing, select delete shall lead to delete, right?

I deleted my post but I also flagged it for moderation. And this keeps it from getting deleted, so no chance for any reasonable conclusion.
And moderation does not take place or a statement regarding this from @jollaadmin (which have becone quite quiet in contrary to the first week(s)?)

Sorry for the late reply. I think you already figured it out, but just in case, here’s how it works: Every now and then, the forum runs a job, which removes all unused uploads. And unused means that there is no mention of the file in the database. So, even if you remove your original post, but write a new one which has a link to the file, the file will not be removed.

Aha, every now and then…
when should this have been?

There is no mentioning of the upload link anymore!
Just the direct http address (deep link) to the pic can be found.

Going to test this once more,
uploading a pic here
(keeping deep link privately for testing)

and deleting the above link.

… and after waiting for 4 (four) weeks my private secret picture with no mentioning of its deep link is gone from the server (404).

So either the script runs on start of the month or every four weeks. Or it runs more often but deletes only stuff older than 4 weeks.

So to remove uploaded pictures you should immediately remove any link to it from the forum!
Be it in a post, a reply/quote or even PM. Any mentioning of the link and it will not get removed.