How to change vibration intensity on the keyboard

Hello, the title says it all. I have a xperia 10 ii and the vibration motor feels really tough. It vibrates way more than I would want when I am typing and the faster I type the more unpleasant it feels.

I see no option to change that in the settings, so maybe there’s a way to adjust it in the config files from the terminal?

It would make using the device a whole lot nicer for me.

Thank you!


I haven’t tried it, but if you install profileclient, you can possibly play around with the touchscreen.vibration.level value.

On my device that has thee values, 0-2, defaulting to 1.

can you tell me how or where to get it? I can’t find it on storeman.

pkcon install profileclient

it is a command line utility.


Setting that to 0 disables vibration, 2 doesn’t seem to differ from 1.

Playing around with /sys/class/leds/vibrator/ doesn’t have an effect either, and neither has /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/feedback/droid-vibrator-device.ini. At least setting the levels in this file to 0 and rebooting didn’t deactivate/decrease vibration.

I’m also interested in a solution for this, but couldn’t find one (yet).

For my feeling duration is a bit short on Xperia 10.