How enable tock tock function for display on in xperia 10?

the function tock tock in n8 and jolla for turn on display is particularly comfortable ; how can enable it in zony xperia 10?

Thank enrico

search mcetool. see for example Double tap in kde plasma mobile - #8 by silta

Double tap still doesn’t work on Xperia 10 II.
My linked posting only refers to low power mode and only on Xperia 10 II.

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xperia 10 ii has no double tap hardware feature afaict. If you enable low power mode you get that while the lpm screen is on…

That’s true, but that was already the case on the Xperia X. I think what the OP meant is double tap from black display like on the JP1.
But, double tap from LPM is a nice if incomplete replacement.

You know, it would probably be possible to get a fake tap-to-wake by making the phone respond to being picked up by turning on the LPM screen. Then from there you could just to ‘tap-to-wake’ the screen. An acquaintance had a Motorola phone that did more or less just that: when picked up, the screen turned on with LPM-like info (as white text on a black screen) and a slider to unlock.

I think the idea of --set-ps-on-demand=disabled is that the lpm screen would be on when out of pocket or waving to trigger the proximity sensor. Not picking up but… pretty close.

Well, you could have both, so that if one sensor isn’t working properly, the other one acts as a fallback and it ‘just works’.

Agreed, but it is not only a software issue.
I luckily but not randomly have hardware/kernel support for double tap to wake on my port New port in the works: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (tucana)

Basically you can enable the hardware to send a key on double tap.

I think a similar requirement is for lift to wake - the hardware/kernel needs to ‘call in’.

Working with the proximity sensor alone seems to be a software-only solution that works (not on my port, ultrasound sensor is shut down :-S)

Too bad Xperia 10 mark II does not have such support - I wouldn’t have gone through the hoops of making another port - and mark III doesn’t seem either… Xperia X has it maybe?


Using the LPM to enable the double-tap-to-wake works fine with my Xperia 10. However, after some time (a couple of hours mostly), it stops working and uncovering the proximity sensor doesn’t show the LPM anymore.

A journalctl -ef shows, that mce still sees the change in the proximity sensor state. Restarting mce ẁith systemctl restart mce fixes it.