How do I purchase in the U.S

why is it not available in the U.S.? can I purchase some other way? Guys, given the current climate of google and apple banning certain apps, I and many many others would like to move away from these only two choices. In fact, I had Microsoft mobile up until it’s demise on a Nokia phone and way preferred it.


Not sure if you understand how this whole thing works so i’ll break it down.

You don’t purchase a phone. You purchase a license (most people outside of EU have used a VPN). You have to buy one of the supported phones and then flash it with SFOS. If you go the license way you get text prediction, Ms Exchange support and the ability to run Android apps (not all work i think).

Alternatively you can buy one of the community supported phones and flash SFOS at no charge at all. There you don’t get what is provided with the license.

However before going any of the above routes you have to understand the limitations (and the benefits) of running a google/apple less “pure” linux phone. It works for some but it certainly is not for everybody. Most big app companies don’t support SFOS.

So do your research and find if the things you want work on SFOS.

Long time Sailfish X user in the US here. Hold off on buying a Sailfish license until the VoLTE thing is sorted out.

Your free speech is not under fire by anyone. That is protected by the US constitution as far as i understand. The problem is that people try to speak of things that the platforms they use -and are controlled by the people that own them obviously- don’t allow. All companies have terms of service you must respect in order to use theirs service. If you don’t you get kicked out. As simple as that. (ie epic vs apple)
If you want freedom you have to put the work in. In the context of internet you use self hosted distributed services and you don’t whine about twitter, facebook, whatsup, amazons aws and the lot.


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You can download, install and test the SFOS on your supported phone for free and if you decide you like it and need the paid features, you can buy the license with a VPN and get the predictive text input and Exchange- and Android-supports for your device. Yeah I had to search for it as well. The sites are more marketing and pretty pictures than informative, imo. :roll_eyes:

Thanks very much. I’ll watch it.

eh? Sorry, your high horse does not compute if you’re happy to use windows 10 , which is spyware with an OS attached.

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A very good decision!

I think so, this OS leaves much to be desired given the lengthy process one has to go through just to even experience it. Based on that, I have a hard time believing it will make any great process. I’m fairly astute, and more than likely could venture through and get it installed, but for the fact that I have a life!

i don’t know why they flagged my last message, but you assume the reason is for privacy and you’re wrong, i want to get away from google, not microsoft.

Actually you can just get on AT&T and be good till some time in 2022. Then just upgrade to the latest model.

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Also, to purchase in the US, just get a VPN and set your location to Europe.

Is AT&T confirmed to work with Sailfish? When I first got a sailfish device I had a lot of trouble with carriers.

I’ve known others on it. I’ll be getting my new Simm in a couple days.

I use H2O Wireless on my Sailfish OS XA2 with no problems. H2O is on the AT&T towers.


Wow. looks like ATT will be my next move. How are your calls? I often miss calls with no notification because T-mobile’s network doesn’t handle switching bands well.

The calls have been stable and do not have a history of dropping out. If I had a missed call, there was a notification, and there was a follow up by that caller that let me know about the previous call. I used an iPhone 6 then a Nexus 5 (Ubuntu Touch) then finally to XA2 (Sailfish OS) all on H2O Wireless. I, personally, am seeing no difference in call quality. Everyone else says that I am loud and clear on calls. The AT&T tower network has never given me problems. Unlimited data on H2O has been the big selling point for me. I have automatic payments and a small discount for that each month. Everything, calls, texting, unlimited data, no roaming fees, USB tethering (Set up with Sailfish OS and easier than Ubuntu Touch), all for that low monthly price ($28 right now). H2O, to my knowledge, has no brick and mortar stores like AT&T, but I rarely interact with H2O except for the website occasionally. The system has been trouble free which is what I like.

That sounds like an incredible deal. I’ll probably do this. Thanks!