How do I purchase in the U.S

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Reg I just picked up a Sony Xperia XA for $200 bucks for similar reasons. I plan to try Sailfish and if successful then get paid version. Let me know how is your experience.

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Another US-based Sailfish user (on T-Mobile) here. I’ve used quite a number of devices with Sailfish, and in my opinion the Sony Xperia XA2 is (so far) the best one. As other users have said, get a VPN and set your location to somewhere in Europe, otherwise the Jolla online store will not process your credit card. If I recall correctly, the Jolla store will process a U.S.-based credit card, but only if the purchase is coming from a European-based IP address (based on geolocation services, I assume).

Also, you need to be comfortable with Linux-based tools, the command line, and have access to hardware and software (such as a desktop or laptop PC) in order to install Sailfish on the Xperia. You’ll probably only be able to find a used one, make sure that it is the U.S. version that complies with T-Mobile or AT&T frequencies…otherwise, you might be stuck with 2G speeds.

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