How do I make a post with sailfish device on sailfish forum

If I reply to a topic with sailfisch phone, the keyboard is above the text, means one does not see what one deos write in the text window.

On a new topic the keyboard is above the create button. I somehow managed to remove the keyboard but failed on further atemps.

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and a duplicate …

please look into category site feedback

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A duplicate of taping-blind-while-wriying-a-reply-in-the-forum

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You can swipe down the keyboard in order to see what you have typed (of course it is dificult to eleminate typos thus way)

ahh swiping down the key board works great

thanks for the links and sorry for the double posts.

BTW typing the left sreen boarder above the keyboard is much simpler than swiping the keyboard to get the keyboard away.