Here Wego (ver. 4) and choppy GPS

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X10 II
UI LANGUAGE: Finnish (app in English)
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No


Here Wego Beta is the upcoming version of the current Here Wego navigation software, and it works almost well enough to be usable.


  1. Have X10 II with Android App Support
  2. Install Here Wego Beta (using e.g. Aurora Store)


  1. Start navigating to an address
  2. Start driving


  • The app shows current speed on the screen
  • The arrow position updates smoothly (a few times a second) on the map
  • The “trip progress bar” updates as you drive


  • The app tells your speed is always 0
  • The arrow position jumps (“teleports”) to next position every 2-4 seconds
  • The trip gets recalculated each “jump” and the “trip progress bar” starts from zero / keeps at zero


The current Here Wego works as expected (but the high FPS overheats both my X10 II and XA2U), and Here Wego Beta asks for location permission as expected. Other permissions didn’t affect the choppiness. GPSInfo looks happy at the same time.

I’ll test this with my XA2U some time next week. (I am on a trip now, hence the report :wink:)

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A bit of off topic: When I was using Nokia N900, there was this excellent navigation app called Wayfinder. It featured smooth screen updates, at the cost of the device actually shutting itself down due to overheating. Don’t know what happened to the app, but I sure got a good laugh out of it when it would say random lines (in Finnish) when I got to the destination: “after 100 meters, turn on the sauna” or “you have reached your destination, time to open a cold one” and other very Finnish things :smiley:

Same here with the latest Beta. I downgraded to 4.0.30 and will give it a try.

I could not use Here Wego from the Jolla Store anymore after I encrypted the file sytem of my XA2/Kvarken.

4.0.30 is also sluggish and sometimes unresponsive. The round icon in the upper left corner which seems supposed to show the direction always points upwards and there is no indication of the current speed. This really seems to be a real beta.
Basic navigation works, though.
I’ll stick with pure maps for the time being.

Try Magic Earth :wink: it’s fine

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What I like about Here Wego is the real time traffic information. Does Magic Earth provide traffic info?

I mean yes, but I did not set this option. It doesn’t cost anything, just install it for a trial.

On SFOS 4.2 EA, the GPS works better (no snapping so hard) but it still doesn’t detect you are on the road, it never recalculates the route or give any instructions. The old app work fine (better actually).

I recently had some problems with the old app. I use Here mainly for navigation in a crowded city area and it did a good job helping me to avoid traffic jams until a few weeks ago it started to take deviations that made no sense at all while on the other hand letting drive right into traffic jams it helped to avoid before.
There seem to be a lot of changes going on the server side, too. I deinstalled Here and went back to common sense. Works ok. :slight_smile:

Yeah… The path finding is whatever app is a bit wacky, since exhaustive search is expensive…

I get “the best” result with WeGo non-beta 99% of the time, and when it goes haywire, just back out and search for the aame route again :slight_smile:

But I can’t deny the raw power of common sense and knowing the streets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It looks like Here Wego is out of beta and has released version 4 (looks like the previous beta) to replace version 2 (the good ol’), and the GPS signal is still as choppy as in beta phase.

I luckily had 2.x apk lying around, but if I hadn’t, I would have a very…jerky navigation experience, without spoken guidance.

As it stands right now; don’t update to v4 (the new icon).

Try Petal Maps (from Huawei App Gallery, which is easily installed via an apk from Huawei)!
Works great for me, and has traffic info as well!

Got the same problem with navigation on Here Maps v.4.2.100. There seems to be lag between gps coordinate updates which results in the notification drawer popping down every second saying that the connection is lost. Navigation is unusable at the moment .

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The beta release is now at 4.2.200, and it has a working GPS! It doesn’t have a recorded voice support anymore but requires TTS ftom Android side (I can’t see here how limitimg the choices to one serves anyone), but other than that, the new app is quite nice! I already sent them feedback to roll out the beta GPS code to stable :slight_smile:.

Yeah! Used it while kayaking in Sweden many years ago. It was kept in a waterproof back, near to the water line, so overheating was mitigated by the baltic! Obviously on an N900.

I will happily give it another try. Thank you for keeping us informed.

Version 4.2.300 (3990000) works as expected! Just used it for a bit, and (TTS aside) it just works :slight_smile:

Thanks, developers of the application!


The Here app from the Jolla Store stopped working properly after the update to Sailfish 4.2. It would open and run then freeze or open then close down to the minimised screen but usually show a black minimised screen.

I updated to the new version of Here WeGo. That will open but almost always freezes after about 30 seconds. When this happens any other Android apps also stop working. Often Android App Support has to be stopped and restarted to get the Android apps to work.

I use Here a lot mainly for the traffic updates which Pure Maps doesn’t have, plus the map downloads/updates for Pure Maps are excruciatingly slow.

Try Magic Earth :wink: it’s fine


It doesn’t start, I only see white screen with a circular arrow… :frowning: Looks great in the screenshots though :slight_smile: