Here maps no longer preferable (somebody's opinion)

Time to stop supporting Here Maps?
I don’t use Here Maps anymore, I use Magic Earth instead, which is an open source well working satnav. Need a fast, goow working satnav because of the complicated network of highways in our country. If GPS is works on my Jolla.
Here has changed. Please see this:


I have no idea what this “magic earth” is but PureMaps works perfectly well on my XperiaX


Magic earth is a nice map app, and works great. It’s the one used by default by the e foundation for their android aosp rom which is focused on privacy.
However it is not open source.

E foundation arguments :

I’m using Pure Maps whereever it is available, and I am very happy with it.
@Kea What patch brings the top bar into such a disorder, and what app is this anyway?

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Do any of them include realtime traffic info?

About Here: data go now to Homeland Security of the US. This information comes from Wolfie Christl, an excellent Austrian academic in cybersecurity, privacy, data.
About MagicEarth: it is true, I was mistaken: this app is proprietary yet it makes use of OpenStreetMap and it has zero trackers/cookies, which is quite unique. It is reliable and fast.
Unfortunately PureMaps is not a real competitor for me, because it is more complicated to install and tile maps are not ideal.
When I noticed that GPS didn’t work on my Jolla I tried literally every map app in Jolla store, but no, sorry.


Don’t know what you mean by top bar. I made a screenshot of the tweet by Wolfie Christl and placed it here. Something went wrong indeed for one tweet showed up twice, sorry.
I thought it necessary to mention, because Here is still in the Jolla Store.

Possibly in the Android part of the store only, which is inaccessible here anyway (I use a community port).

@kea this Magic Earth is android app then, and not free software?
This is unacceptable to me, I only use native applications.

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I prefer native too. But Here isn’t native.
Besides, functionality is important when driving in a crowded country.
Sometimes native is problematic , like the notification of your message in general mail on my Jolla. So small, that I cannot read it. Need to grab my ipad .
So, yes native is best, if it works well.

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Indeed, I was thinking on the lines of “Jolla Maps == Here Maps”, as it indeed is based on that if I remember correctly.

This seems rather contradictory.

I also suggest Pure Maps, as should anyone, because it blows even Google Maps, which has hundreds of people working on it, out of the water.

I use HERE maps in offline mode. It can not track anything even if it wanted to.
Also if the company works with some intelligence agencies it does not mean that it is spying you. For example we have project for military or police, but does not mean we are military or police.

If you have facts, put them on the table otherwise do not spread rumors, please.

It’s the e rom which is focused on privacy. The main guy behind it was the founder of Mandrake/Mandriva Linux 20 years ago.

They seems to trust magic earth and have their reasons, but yes a native FLOSS app is ideal. Hopefully magic earths goes open source too, that would be great.

If you want to know more, visit
As I said Wolfie Christl is not the man nextdoor, but an academic, an expert. You can find some of his work on crackedlabs. Suggesting that I am spreading rumors is ridiculous. If you want to use Here, go ahead. I have some doubts about it and I think that it doesn’t fit in Jolla store so well anymore for ethical and for privacy reasons. This is just my personal opinion.

Unfortunately there is no rival satnav that is open source and as good as MagicEarth. Pure Maps is complicated. You need registration, seperate downloads for different functions etc., not user friendly. MagcEarth needs no registration and it has no trackers. You can check at ExodusPrivacy. Safety first!
If someone makes a nice satnav for Sailfish, I will jump in.

My bank (Triodos) stopped investing in Google as soon as it discovered that Google works for the military. That was an ethical choice.

A Reddit user that contacted here about their privacy policy:

Hi Kea,
first of all I did not want to insult you. Again you are not providing a fact. You are referring to a person I do not know. It might be an expert or whatever, but you are not providing evidence for your claims. Without evidence it is a rumor. Please, post a link to a document that would back your claim.
Regarding the ethical part - it is an argument -> Company X works for the military and our ethical view does not agree with this, so we do not invest in company X. I can accept this.
I am interested in the other claim of yours.

thank you in advance.

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Why do you say pure maps needs registration? It does not. It may seems complicated to use because of the separation between the map download app and the map routing app. But its interface is great, and both as a map and a navigation app it works very nicely.

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