Here maps no longer preferable (somebody's opinion)

For online maps you have to register " Online maps users are requested to register their own Mapbox GL key and enter it through the preferences of the application."
But it’s easy.
For offline maps you don’t need to register.

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Jolla/Sailfish is not a sect where we have to pledge to be positive about everything that is in Jolla store.
About the privacy policy of Here: ExodusPrivacy, an independant organisation, found in the Android version of Here 4 Facebook trackers and 2 Google trackers.
Many companies are lying about their privacy especially concerning Facebook and Google because these have become mainstream and because they behave like public services.
Pure Maps is not in Jolla store, nor is MagicEarth. Here is.

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This is a web site not a source. Source is a specific text on the website, which I am not able or willing to find. Would you please, copy paste the text and link to the source.

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the fact that you disagree and may be find it disturbing what HERE does with online services is appreciated.
But so do millions of web sites. Please provide evidence that there is danger in the collected data.
I still disagree with you, because you are unable to provide this information and still you open a thread here and spread allegations without evidence.

I was specifically looking at open source maps such that can be used offline. I did not find anything better than HERE Maps. I am not advocating HERE Maps. It could be you are right regarding their online version (which I am not using) but still you younger people have to learn working with facts, especially when it comes about posting on the internet.

What fun, I am 72. But nice reading that I am still young.


Thanks, Orangecat, the view of /e/ on MagicEarth looks reasonable. I use it on an old ipad mini, without mobile of course and that works perfect. Unfortunately GPS is troublesome on my XA2 with Sailfish.Not one satnav works in a reliable way.

There is, it’s called Pure Maps.


So where do you find the MagicEarth if it’s not in Jolla store? Does it work in the Jolla one that has max 4.3 Android support? Or is this MagicEarth native to Sailfish?

It’s an Android app available officially in a few app stores:

If you have Aurora store that hooks to google play store, it’s there too. I think you can find it in the Android store that comes with Sailfish X too.

It should work with Android 4.1:

It’s in Aptoide Store and in Aurora Store.Aurora Store you can get within FDroid. FDroid is in Jolla Store , but that is an old app. Better install FDroid from the browser:
I think it works on Jolla 1 too, but I am not sure.

Thanks for the tips. I was only able to install the old version:

“Magic Earth for Android 4.1 or higher APK Download”


The latest versions appear to be compatible only on Android 5+ and I was not able to download or select the alternative versions on Jolla browser. But on laptop PC I can see them. But this old version does not have any maps on it and won’t allow downloading the new maps. So I’m stuck with this.

Now I was able to upgrade to… version from one store(don’t know the name). But it still complains about some maps can’t be used/installed.

Now I was able to see the map selection for download. Lets see if it will work out. Also in Aptoide shop that version is the latest one suggested for Jolla.

EDIT/UPDATE 8/4/21: It turns out the maps can’t be seen on my Jolla screen although it appears the app can use them for calculating distance and travel times. I see only black screen when setting the location and/or destination. Anyone having the same problem?

p.s I was not able to reply anymore due to the limit of 3 replies on same topic for new members.

Same here, a combo of online and offline maps.

I confirm that I am successfully using Magic Earth 71.121.1.blah on an Xperia X (with the old 4.1 Android support).