Help me revive my Xperia X

Hi all,
I have a problem - on 8th November I updated some packages from openrepos. System run even after update, but next day I noticed that some apps started to crash randomly. So I tried to turn system off and on again and my system won´t boot anymore. I am stuck at sony logo.

System, Xperia X F5121.
I booted into recovery and found out a list of updated packages, but recovery doesnt know zypper or pkcon, so I am unable to remove packages. It seems that phone has no internet connection in recovery, so I can´t download older version of any package.
List of updated packages:

I know I can factory reset or reflash, but I want to revive my system first before I erase all device. I have some things for backing up, nothing much important, but good to have :slight_smile:

Can someone help?

What about trying to use fastboot instead of recovery? try to install twrp and maybe from there you can install another OS and then after try to reinstall sailfishos?


I want to revive my old system, when I decide to reinstall, I will reflash.

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Take a look here

That is true, but plain rpm is available. You can uninstall packages by rpm -e <packagename>

But it’s unlikely to solve your booting problem unless you already know the presence of a certain package is causing it.

Sounds like you might have become a victim of [Bug] /usr/libexec/sailfish-osupdateservice osupdate-check sets ssu re

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with Kuba77 we were thinking about OpenSSL, there are some known problems with it on older system versions.

Here honestly I don´t know. I didn´t check new versions of system for years :smiley: only apps updates via storeman

Hi guys, so I managed to boot recovery and uninstalled openssl-devel and system runs again :slight_smile: But I have one more thing - is anyone here who can provide me sailfish os for flashing on Xperia X (F5121) ?
Zendesk is not allowed to provide old system versions.

Try this: