Since update failed XA2 boots without gui

Today I tried to update to SFOS 4.3 and was asked to remove some packages. After the download of the update failed and after another reboot I was back to 4.2 (Verla), however most apps didn’t start. So I entered the console and run version --dup that reinstalled some packages but failed on the removal of aliendalivk-control. After manual removal via rpm -e --noscripts aliendalvik-control version --dup was successful.
Since then the phone only boots without Silica / GUI. The screen shows the Sony logo, I can access the system via USB and SSH.
version --dup fails due to conman claims that there’s no carrier, though I setup access to internet via IPv4 defaultroute and desktop PC.

Can you give me any other hint?

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Got the phone working again.
After another reboot I checked the log via journalctl -xa and saw a message that several services couldn’t find This library was found in /usr/share/GetiPlay/lib/. Not sure whether this a good way, but I created a symbolic link via ln -s /usr/share/GetiPlay/lib/ /usr/lib/ and rebooted again.
Everything seems to be fine again and now downloading the update to 4.3 again.

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WTF this GetiPlay is? I did not install it but it does break I have met the same issue during install 4.3 update in X.

This is GetiPlay | — Community Repository System
Sounds more like @jollajo leaned on it to help remedy the problem by symlinking its local copy of librtmp, rather than it necessarily having caused the issue.

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I’m aware of that. What bothers me is that I did not install GetiPlay but I found it installed. The only cause could be “sfos-upgrade” i had run, before I was not able to boot again.

the strange thing is, that I did all those modifications while I was still on 4.2. I cannot remember either, whether I had installed GetiPlay before or not.
Now since I got Silica back running and upgraded to 4.3. GetiPlay and librtmp is gone. I cannot find it on the whole system anymore. For those who still depend on it there’s a package on openrepos, provided by lpr that provides librtmp1.