Help me narrow down list of devices for Sailfish

Hi there, I have simple requirements for a device to run Sailfish OS (attributes required partly because l need to take a hundred decent quality product photos every few days using my phone, and react quickly to sold items at my online shop):

  • 5G
  • Screen resolution greater than 2073600 pixels^2 (l know screen size should be a factor to make it pixels per inch, but this complicates things, all l’m saying is multiply length in pixels, by width in pixels, so 1440 pixels x 1440 pixels = 2073600 pixels^2)
  • Dual SIM
  • 6GB RAM minimum
  • Decent camera, over 13MP, just enough to take product photos to sell stuff online as a smalltime seller
  • Flashing LED for notifications, preferably one that can do multiple colours for different notifications e.g. green for SMS, blue for main eMail account, red for a missed call
  • A version of Android compatible with Sailfish
  • An accessible SIM card slot (unlike my Xperia Z3, l think the simcard tray is now broken, l can probably get a replacement, but l need some kind of needle to operate the tray, if you’ve ever used the Xperia Z3 you will know, and l’m guessing you too are using yours as a shower timer now - it appears they didn’t do the same thing with the 10 III or 10 V)

Is there a phone that ticks all boxes?
I’m guessing the Xperia 10 III? Apparently not even 10 V has the flashing LED anymore.

P.S. I’d be happy to pay a small premium above the cost of an Xperia, to support local / alternative manufacturers e.g. Pine, Rephone, Volla.

5G is not currently supported from SFOS, compatible android support implies xperia devices only, but then these devices will not pass the screen resolution criteria 1080 x 2520. Also the camera of 10 iii is rather slow in focusing especially when the object is moving. 10 iii has 6gb of ram but oom can be triggered often, eg using the browser.


If community builds count may the xiaomi note 10 count and meet all your requirements? if not I think it would be close to what you are looking for.

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The device you are looking for is any iPhone from 13 to 15 pro max.
Get a device for your business to make sure it works properly and get any sailfish supported device you like for you.

I would really like to have good news for you here, but 5G is not a thing, VoLTE blocks sms with some carriers, 6gb ram still kills your (outdated) browser on the 10 III, app support network sometimes stops working and you get no update/notifications on android apps, and camera is bad.

It might be the best personal device you ever had (it is for me for example), but are you willing to rely on it for your business? I wouldn’t.

I would still recommend getting a supported device as a second device to give it a go, but don’t bet your business on it before you try.


Dear all - thank you so far. Some quick points:

  • I didn’t realise 5G was not yet a thing for Sailfish. I don’t even have it on my current phone (BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition). It’s been said 4G will be okay up to 2030. I want a device for 10 years+, hence my interest in 5G. I’d hope l could enforce 4G on my hypothetical new Sailfish device if 5G isn’t yet supported, until it is.
  • 2520x1080px = 2721600 pixels^2 = just fine, which far exceeds my threshold of 2073600 pixels^2 (= 1440x1440, BlackBerry Passport square screen, beautifully clear).
  • I don’t understand the connection between 6GB RAM and my browser being impeded? Are you guys saying 6GB RAM isn’t enough? Or are you saying some gremlins occur because 6GB RAM is too much?
  • As long as it can browse like a BlackBerry, l don’t mind too much, l just need the browser for:
    Researching technical stuff via written webpages in a rush
    Researching technical stuff via YouTube vids (l’d hope for a YouTube app though)
    Downloading manuals
  • Camera - l don’t mind it being a little bit slow to focus, l just take pics of things l’m refurbishing (static objects), with the bottom edge of the phone resting on a flat table, focusing done by touching the part of interest as it appears on my phone screen. BlackBerry Passport has a 13MP back camera, Schneider Kreuznach f/2.0, probably better than the average lens l’d guess. Lower max. aperture would be even better, like f/1.8.
  • Regarding two phones - l don’t really want to have another phone in the house deliberately, l’d got a few throw-away phones that l no longer need already. One for things that might sell my data and spam me. One to use as an alarm timer for the shower (Xperia Z3, good enough water resistance, decent camera too, in fact l might attempt SFOS on this first, to make sure l don’t brick when l do it on a good phone).
  • My business requirements: I’m basic, a buyer and seller. I have multiple channels and may expand into one more channel. I also have effectively multiple businesses and may expand into one or two more. I’m no Bill Gates, but as you can see, l do need to react quickly to flashing LEDs depending on the colour of the LED because sometimes l need to do 3 different things within 10 minutes so l need to ration my time effectively. Of course it’s usually not that busy.
  • I would be interested in:
  • Electronic wallets (preventing people stealing at supermarkets using RFID scanners when l pull my bank card out)
  • Electronic tickets (for buses, coaches, trains)
  • Using phone as a control panel for an Android-based card reader (for selling to people directly)

As you can see, my current usage isn’t really demanding (my BlackBerry is 3GB RAM), and my future needs (see list in the last point) aren’t demanding. I hope l can fulfil all this with Sailfish OS but l need a phone that has all the features mentioned, and will last me 10 years or more (l’ll admit, l’ve only had the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition for 8.5-9 years, but l think l can keep it going for another 1 or 2 years).

Thanks for reading.

SFOS 4.6 will be released soon, hopefully this spring, 10 iv and v is very likely to be supported along with many improvements (again hopefully). I would suggest you wait until then.

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Thanks, but l heard the Xperia 10V does not have a notification LED, so l’m looking at 10 III. But then, l can’t get a new one, and don’t want a grey import.

I wanted 5G too :frowning:

Also, l’m wondering, does Rephone / Pine Phone / Fairphone / Volla 23 offer coloured LED notifications?

Any phone running SFOS is not business ready. Its a fact sadly.


Business needs vary and may be simpler than Leisuretime Gen Z / Boomer needs. It certainly is so with me. I don’t need music streaming, red eye reduction, face recognition, best take, filters, VPN, remote desktop, etc. my needs are simple (see my 2nd most recent post) - it’s only my needs l’m referencing. Thread title also indicates my own personal slant is axial to this device search.

Why not Xperia 10 IV?

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I thought 10 III would be least glitchy, due to being at the focus of Sailfish OS development for so long?

By the way, considering l want to keep whatever phone l buy for a long time, l might not get the chance to support “Alternative” phone projects for a long time if l buy an Xperia now, and so a decent Alternative phone project may no longer exist by the time l need a replacement. Therefore l’m interested right now in Volla phone, Rephone, Pine Phone, Fair Phone etc., even if there’s a premium to pay, but they must have the flashing LED (sorry if that sounds silly, l might get used to not having it, but l don’t want to even get used to not having it).

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 does seem to tick all boxes, it doesn’t have a notification LED as such, but uses screen lighting effects to achieve the same thing.

It has a 6GB version.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I didn’t come across any community port that has volte. Meaning that depending on where you live you might not be able to make phone calls now, soon, or in bad quality due to 2G as long as it’s available.

Again, not sure about the specific phone.


FWIW Jolla have mentioned they are working in bringing 5g support.

They’ve only just completed the translation round for the next software release, which means it is imminent.

I think it is well worth waiting a week or so to see if they bring device support for the 10iv if that is more suited to your needs


So many posts and no one mentioned the camera binary blobs. Without those blobs (re-flashing removes all of it) the quality is really bad and OP is looking for a phone to take pictures.

IMO Sailfish is not good for taking pictures if there is not enough light - compared to any Android or Apple device.

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Naming problem: the port I did was for Xiaomi Mi Note 10, not redmi. Not sure if Redmi Note 10 has one, but I can confirm no leds on mine. Maybe the flashlight(s) could be repurposed :thinking: ?


I hear you but my comment still stands. Ie. Email -quite essential for a business i guess- in SFOS is bad and the browser sucks even more (not being able to display stuff or work properly).

Those two things will cause you trouble sooner or later.

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Hi there, could you elaborate on why eMail is bad in SFOS?

That post was in reply to @ApB

Hi there, is that regardless of the camera’s hardware spec?

The main issue is the “always up to date” setting doesn’t work. Since forever. This means that emails might arrive late etc.

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