Headphone jack to speaker is VERY low volume, same as the phone speakers in fact

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): Always
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): Fresh Install of
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): Xperia X

REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Worked well previously on 3.X on a different phone of the same model


If I plug my Sony speaker into my SailfishX phone the volume is so low I have to put it maximum then hold it to my ear to hear it.
Sony speaker works very well with my old Nokia MusicXpress or my N808 and was also fine with my previous Sailfish phone of the same model but v.3 OS.


  1. Plug in wire from speaker to headohone jack


Sound you can hear


A slight whisper in the distance


Patchamanger does not work in Sailfish 4 yet so cannot install a max volume patch. This speaker works fine, something changed in Sailfish to not allow any volume.
How can I change this please?


Have you tried other cables? Other speakers? Have you tried an amp? Maybe “Audio Output Switcher” is needed because it isn’t piping to the correct output?


The cable worked fine before and works fine with other phones. My headphones are also quite on this phone and were previously ok. I do not have an amp nor another speaker but this speaker worked well with Sailfish 2.x and 3.x

I tried audio output switcher as suggested and going through all the choices it did not help in this matter, though playing through the phone speaker and “headset” external speaker the phone speaker drowns out the small sounds from the external speaker which should be much, much louder.

I cannot connect via bluetooth to test as bluetooth isn’t working anymore in 4.1

Same here! So frustrating, because I like the convenience of carrying a library of music with me. Whether I plug my Xperia XA-2 into headphones, a portable speaker, or a HiFi, the volume is way too low, also after dismissing the audio level warning (by clicking “yes, I understand”) and turning it up to the max. This cannot be right.

Edit: I’m currently on Sailfish OS 4.1, but this issue was present also in earlier versions.


I “fixed” the problem now by pulling my Nokia N808 out and using that for music now.
Great workaround.

Rant: The reason I got involved with Sailfish is I thought it was giving the power to operate our phones back to us.

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Maybe you can try this?

pactl set-sink-volume 1 200% #speaker 200%

also, it’s possible that your device’s hardware is not functioning properly for some reason. You can revert back to Android and test it out.

What behemoths are you trying to drive here?
I tried my Xperia 10 II with my Grado PS500, and i can drive them too loud, borderline uncomfortably.
And with my Centrance Cerene dB (full-size) or AKG in-ear headphones, they go uncomfortably loud.
My Shure IEMs would probably blow my eardrums out on full volume.

And i can’t see that the behaviour was any different on previous SFOS versions, 3.4 on my Jolla C is one step quieter if anything. My Xperia X on 4.2 actually even goes louder than the 10 II.

Maybe it is obvious that this is a software imitation somehow, but to me it seems the hardware isn’t really capable of more. It becomes quite noticeable that the current-delivery capabilities are quite lacking to drive bigger headphones well anyway - lots of detail lacking even compared to a basic amp.

As for connecting the phone to line in of a stereo, it seems to me line-level is somewhere right around full volume (maybe a step or two under). You shouldn’t want any other setting than that anyway, just use the volume control on the stereo.

Or are you comparing unpatched vs patched, and calling the lack of a current patch a bug?
(my comments above apply to an unpatched system though)
Could it be a (hw) faulty phone?

  1. A tiny Sony portable speaker.
    I do not actually care for the report on your phone working well. Good for you.

No it is NOT a hardware fault, that has been gone over above AND I lost that phone I was using when I wrote this report and replaced it with another XperiaX which ran fine under android then shite sound again under sailfish 4.x

Same phone Ubuntu Touch has good sound too.

It is not a patch vs unpatched it is hold the speaker right against my ear to try to hear what is being said. In short the sound volume is ridiculous.

Whether or not you care for it or not is irrelevant. It is just a fact - and another observation to put yours in relation to.

The first step in any trouble-shooting is to determine if it is a single/rare or widespread problem - or indeed a problem at all.
You sure seemed to want to say it was a big and widespread problem, and affecting headphones too, but now you say it’s just that speaker?

This should be obvious; but whether it is a problem with your devices, or you simply disagree that the level that is plenty for most is enough, is actually important - it narrows down where to look for a solution.

If you indeed are claiming that it have changed over releases, and for headphones too, as i said - i don’t share that experience and have even tested. That suggests it is a device or a device-combination problem.

@peterleinchen You like old releases, right? :wink: Noticed any difference?

I observe strange volume issues now and then too. Sometimes similar as reported above.

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Thankyou but please read the entire the entire thread and offer relevant suggestions so as to find a reason or fix for the issue.

The fact your phone of a different model and different software works fine is a useless factoid.

FIXED: How to fix. Delete Sailfisf 4.x, clean reinstall of v3.4 never “upgrade”. Sound via bluetooth and wired speaker is back to what it should be.
This also fixed bluetooth, network, VPN, and GPS issues.
Sailfish 4.x is complete rubbish.
Best yet most of my favourite patches work again.
I have MY phone back.

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